Sci-Fi Month 2022

I hope everyone had an absolutely splendid Halloween! We had a laid-back night of homemade macaroni and cheese and a horror movie. I had intended to post again before my favorite holiday of the year, but I did not end up reading the comic that I intended and didn’t have much to post about otherwise.

So here we are leaping into Science Fiction month!

Here is my game plan. Whether it happens or not, that’s a whole different story: Continue my quest of watching all of Battlestar Galactica for the first time, watch/rewatch Escape from New York (I can’t remember if I’ve seen it before) and pick up at least one Sci-Fi novel.

I’ve only read one book in Ridley’s presence, and it was while he was sick, so I still don’t know if he’ll try to eat it while I’m trying to read it. It will be a fun game!

Are you participating in Sci-Fi month or are you more of a Non-Fiction November type of person? Either way, what are your plans?!


15 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Month 2022

    1. I finally found my Kindle and charged it last night! I don’t even know what wonders are on it anymore since I haven’t used it since starting school. It’s exciting. I’m hoping there is some Sci-Fi on it because my physical book TBR pile is lacking in that genre.

  1. I get so lost when it comes to blogging themes around a month. I forgot it was sci-fi month, I forgot it was non-fiction November, I forgot it’s novellas in November, lol. I just try to align my horror book reviews with October, which means I’m actually reading most of them in September.

    1. The only two I really do are right in a row. Horror in October and Sci-Fi in November. The rest of the year is a free-for-all. I finally found my Kindle and charged it last night. Time to see what treasures I’ve forgotten are on there! πŸ˜€

      1. Which hole did it fall into? My friend Lou in England lost her Kindle, and I tell you I was INVOLVED about whether she found it. She ended up buying a new one and then eventually discovered the old one. No one wrote a Narnia novel about Kindles, but they should.

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