A Move a Quarter of a Century in the Making

Whew! What a whirlwind the past few weeks have been. School started on top of having two long weekends planned. I’ve spent this past week just catching up on my home /school life and surviving work picking up again with the new vaccines. We just hired two new technicians starting this week. The last two couldn’t hang for one reason or another. Pharmacy (healthcare in general) is not for the weak.

Anywho, you might be wondering about that title. Labor Day weekend we ventured north to help my dad clean out and pack up his house. He’s lived there for 25 years. I spent a large portion of my childhood there. Went to high school in that town. He only moved 20 minutes east from where he was residing but it’s a big upgrade. He moved from a house in a large field, into a house in the woods and on a lake. Our old house had a lot of work that needed to be done and now he won’t have to worry about it. The new place needs no work. My dad’s house had 12 showings in 12 hours the first day and sold in 24 hours for $10,000 over asking. It couldn’t have been a better time for him to sell.

Moving is stressful and we did a LOT in one weekend including having a moving sale. The goal was to actually move as little as possible, and we helped take a lot off my dad’s plate. He was able to close on the house and be completely moved out in 15 days. That has to be some kind of record.

I cannot wait to spend more time at the new place. There is state land to play on just down the road. In fact, we took a little ride on the trails in his friend’s side-by-side while we were up. Unfortunately, the weekend turned cold, and we were not able to play on the lake.

Some pics of our adventures!

Now I’m off to attempt to catch up on comments and your blogs! (I just spent TOO much time clearing out my email I haven’t checked in weeks. D: )


18 thoughts on “A Move a Quarter of a Century in the Making

  1. I can only imagine how much your Dad appreciated the help. He must be quite happy with the sale and the new home and outdoor opportunities. As for pharmacy staff, I was one of those folks in line for a vaccine this past week, and they were slammed. The system makes appointments every ten minutes, and the staff administering the shots can’t process paperwork and give the shot that quickly. I had an appointment, but there were eight people stacked up in front of me. I made sure to say a sincere thank you because your/their efforts are greatly appreciated.

    1. That is so kind of you and I am sure they greatly appreciated it! We hired nurses this time to help with the vaccine flow however 1 didn’t show yesterday and it threw everything into a tailspin. We survived but it was rough!

  2. The pictures of Samus and Ridley are so sweet! It looks like they are getting to be good friends. I’m glad things are going smoothly for your dad. I don’t think I asked if he’s already retired or still working.

  3. I’m sorry. I’m happy for your dad’s new place and the fact he got even more money, but I’m over the moon at how happy the puppies are β™₯ In my head he bought the new place for the puppies and I will hear nothing to naysay this lol.

    Moving is THE worst. I can’t believe it’s 2022 and we don’t have a better way of doing it then schleping our crap from one place to another. How has science NOT fixed this yet? I hope this wave of people finding houses continues since your dad is the second I’ve heard of after MY dad found a place and I hope I’ll be the third hehe.

    1. I hope you’ll be the third too! I don’t envy anyone house hunting right now. It’s rough out there. We had friends trying to move to our town, but they’ve given up until the prices come back down.
      We will see how the pups like the new place this weekend! We’re heading up for opening weekend of bow season and I plan to take lots of walks down the road to the state land with them. There’s also a dog friendly nature preserve nearby that I want to hit up sometime. That might have to wait until next year but that’s okay. Plenty to explore in the meantime. πŸ™‚

      1. We’ve expanded our search area or rather I stopped being so restrictive lol. I had two places I was adamant about not moving to because I wasn’t fond of the school district, BUT we don’t have kids yet and I WANT OUT lol. I was debating finding another apartment that was on a ground floor but I don’t want to move any more than we have to. It’s SUCH a pain in the ass.

        There’s just something about seeing puppies happy. Their joy is so pure and infectious. I also love this time of the year. September is my favorite month and then October is Halloween. It’s also not god awful hot any more, and it’s in between the time where I get hit with allergies because I think ragweed shows up a bit later.

      2. When we were buying, we expanded out just based on prices, so I get it. We live close to Ann Arbor still but anything closer has Ann Arbor prices. (Condo’s literally go for $400,000.) However, we really like the town we’re in now. It’s small but not insanely small and still close to fun stuff in the city. The schools are good but we don’t plan on having kids so that wasn’t a factor for us. Now, if they graded doggie daycare, maybe we would have taken that into account. πŸ˜‰

      3. We’re seeing two places this weekend! They’re in the same development as a friend of mine and like five minutes away from other friends. The way I figure it if we do decide to have kids it’ll be like fifteen years before they’re ready for high school and that’s half the time for our mortgage. I was definitely being a dumbass for not thinking of that lol.

      4. We’re putting in an offer! I’m so happy I have a friend who just did this I talk to like every day because she’s letting me know what to expect. She never realized putting in an offer was like an official thing and not just a “we want to put in an offer.” So I’m filling out all this paperwork now and starting the process since it has a lot of moving parts.

        I started at the end instead of the beginning lol. So we liked the one place but were a little dicey on the price because I want to stay under a certain amount for the monthly payment, and their asking price was out of the range, but we were going to offer $10k under that, buuuut it was still a bit too much for comfort. I talked about it with the hubs and between what might need to be fixed in the next 5-10 years we decided to see if the price would drop. I didn’t want to offer too low and be insulting, but then our realtor told us that this is a vastly different market from six months ago because interest rates have doubled, which is bananas. It lowers our price max in our state. If we moved to Delaware we could afford a house that was like $50k more and pay LESS because Delaware has no taxes.

        Anyway, our realtor said offering $25k under asking wouldn’t be insulting at this point so that’s what we did, so I suppose we’ll see!

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