August 2022

The second half of 2022 wasn’t shaping up to be any better than the first half, then two things happened. First, my new anti-anxiety meds kicked in. Two, we adopted Ridley.

While things are far from perfect, they don’t seem so bleak anymore either.

Besides work, my time has been consumed with our new family member. My mornings are not my own anymore. I get up, take two dogs out, take two dogs for a walk, feed two dogs and THEN have my coffee to help wake up.


Mornings before work were when I would typically catch up on all my online related activities. No more. I’m pretty much doing things right up until I walk out of the door for work. But walking a mile every morning has felt great for the most part.

My dad has sold my childhood home. I’m not sad about this in the slightest. He received an incredible offer on the house and an amazing opportunity for his future residence. We’re heading there to help him move stuff this weekend. Being the exceptional planner that I am, I didn’t even realize it was Labor Day weekend and traveling is probably going to suck. *gulps*

I haven’t even been reading anything as of late. Partly because the meds cause me to be scatter brained but also because Ridley puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. So, I decided that the Kindle would be my safest bet to attempt reading when he calms down and I cannot find the damn thing. *sad face* It has to be in this house somewhere though.

School starts tomorrow. I’m excited for this semester as I do not have any classes that I am dreading. In fact, I’m very much looking forward to one of them. Now the trick is to juggle my time to get things done. My last semester I only had Samus, and she just slept in my bed while I did work. Now I have a rambunctious ‘toddler’ to manage too. With all of this going on, don’t be too surprised if I’m scarce for a bit. I have to become an excellent time manager and I don’t know what that looks like yet.

I realize both of these pictures make him look calm and manageable but let me tell you, a lot of raising Hell goes on before he chills out for these serene pics.

Speaking of, he’s had his after-dinner nap and it’s time to see if we can get some snuggling in tonight.

How was your August? What was the best part?


21 thoughts on “August 2022

    1. It’s almost enough to make me want to cancel going but my dad needs our help getting the house cleared out and moving stuff to the new place. Our only saving grace might be that we take a less traveled route north, but we’ll see. D:

  1. Yeah, usually the traffic heading up north is clogged Friday and clogged south on Monday. Maybe you could leave in the middle of the night, or some wonky time? That’s what we try to do, especially when we approach Grand Rapids.

    Does Ridley run around the house a lot? The way you describe him reminds me so much of my brother’s chocolate lab. That dog eats everything. I think I told you they got pumpkins for Halloween and he ate those, too.

    1. We’re leaving from our place after I get out of work on Friday (so probably around 6 pm). I don’t know what time we will head home Monday. When my uncle took 75 to 23 to get to our house on a non-holiday weekend recently, it took him 5 hours to get here. I have my fingers crossed that since we take a different route, it might not be as bad. My dad needs help clearing out the house and barn and getting stuff to the new place, so either way, we’ll suffer the traveling on a holiday weekend.

      Ridley does parkour off the furniture. He puts everything in his mouth but luckily, he doesn’t actually eat it unless it’s edible. Labs are insanely hyper for like, the first two years of their life. Rob’s family had one when we first started dating. They’re on my list of breeds to never own. (A mix would be fine.) Along with beagles, poodles and golden retrievers.

      1. Five hours?! I’m hoping your uncle just wasn’t used to Michigan driving, or something.

        I’m surprised you have Golden Retrievers on your list of dogs not to own. Most people love them to pieces, but I know they only live like seven years because they’re prone to getting cancer. My in-laws have had like 3-4 Goldens since I joined the family.

      2. So, to me, I find their personalities pretty bland. That’s literally my only beef with them. They’re nice enough dogs and lots of people adore them so they don’t need me to. 🙂
        I seem to have this thing where I really like the dogs that everyone is afraid of. Pit bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Dobermans, etc. It’s probably from being raised with Shepherds.

      3. I saw a thing on Reddit the other day from a guy who trains dogs, specifically the “scary” breeds. He was talking about how they are so driven to accomplish/work that if you get one of the “scary” breeds and just have it as a pet and that’s it, that they get bored and have pent up energy that they CAN bit or do something scary. It’s all about education; what that dog needs and likes as an individual animal, plus what the breed needs in particular. My neighbor has a dog that kinda looks like a pit bull and kinda like a boxer, and it likes to run up at me when I’m walking down the road. It’s not aggressive, but I can definitely see it knows about its house and knows I don’t belong there. Scares me for sure.

      4. You always have to do your breed research. So many people don’t and that’s how we end up with so many animals in the shelters. (That and not spaying and neutering of course.) Opposite example of breeds not considering scary, herding breeds end up in shelters because people with kids get them and then get mad when they herd/nip their children. Samus very much as the herding drive. When Rob’s little sister insisted on running back and forth in front of her after several warnings, Samus nipped her in the ass. Samus was not in trouble though because I watched her resist the urge several rounds and one day his little sister will learn to listen.
        Moth’s grandma had a Bull Terrier who was super friendly. She got out of the house and ran up to a guy walking down the street. She wasn’t being aggressive, but he stabbed her anyway. She survived thankfully.

      5. The guy just stabbed a dog??? I can’t even process that.

        I hadn’t even thought about herding dogs, but that’s a great point. The one I think of most, actually is the hyper Dalmatian that everyone wanted after the Disney movie came out.

      6. My aunt was one of those people who went out and got a Dalmation after the movie came out, she was terrible with kids, and she ended up rehoming her.
        When I know someone is thinking about getting a dog, I stress how much research they need to do to find a breed or breed mix that fits them. Because if you come back later telling me you took it to the shelter, I might kill you.

      7. Serious question: if someone gets a dog and takes it to a shelter because they cannot get on with the dog in a safe fashion, is that something that would upset you? I suppose I’d rather have a dog in a shelter with people who know what they’re doing than some idiot whose dog mauls someone because it wasn’t cared for properly. Then again, all the shelters around me are no-kill, so that also affects my decision. Where I grew up in Michigan, animals would be put to sleep, and that changes my mind. I’d instead look for a foster home for a dog I couldn’t manage that has people who know what they’re doing.

      8. That entirely depends on the situation and whether the person did their research on the breed before they bought/adopted it. If it is genuinely a difficult animal to deal with and the owner has tried all avenues, then no. There are things that can lead to an animal being too difficult to handle that are outside of the animal and the owner’s control. (Bad genetics.) I find this to be less the case though. Most people give up their animals for stupid reasons. The biggest one being human laziness.

  2. Anti-anxiety meds are literally a life saver. I still have my bad days of course, but it’s not nearly AS bad.

    Are Samus and Ridley getting along well? I hope they kind of match energy lol. My dad and stepmom sold their house, too! It wasn’t my childhood home…that’s been gone for a while, but it was the one for my stepsisters, so I know there was some feelings involved. But the house was gigantic and getting to be too much to handle. They put an addition on it, which upped the value and got a nice amount for it for their new, smaller place. I was actually worried the market was going to shift before they were able to sell. It’s still favoring sellers, but I have a feeling that’s going to change soon.

    1. I agree, I think the market will shift soon but luckily for my dad, his house sold in 24 hours. He tried to sell it years ago to move in and help my grandfather but only 5 people looked at it and it didn’t sell. He didn’t end up having to move becasue my grandfather passed. This time, there were showings every hour for 12 hours straight. He received an offer for $10,000 over asking.
      Ridley and Samus are still working things out. They do match in energy, but Ridley gets a little too rough for Samus. I’m sure he was taken too young from his litter and then thrown in the dog fighting world so he’s not the greatest at dog language. They do play though, it’s just on Samus’ terms.
      I feel so much better on my meds. I’m on a lose dose and I think I will continue that as I’ve only had a rough day here and there. I think since I’ve felt them kick in, I’ve had 2 rough days over the last month and that’s such an improvement. 🙂

      1. That’s amazing! I’m glad it went quick for him. My dad had to lower the price a little bit and have the plumbing checked (the house is over 100 years old), but then they got a buyer and are now in their new place in Delaware.

        What I’m worried about now, not so much for myself because I know better, but there are some predatory lenders popping up for desperate buyers, and it’s like let’s set up for 2008 all over again ugh.

        He’ll learn! It sounds like they just need to get on the same page and he’s still in transition phase ♥

        Meds are a freaking god send. I know lots of people have a reluctance, but once you try it it’s like holy shit I can function better? There will always be good days and bad days, but the meds really do cut into the bad ones. I’m glad they’re helping you ♥♥

      2. I had not heard about the predatory lenders, but it also doesn’t surprise me. There is always someone waiting to take advantage of other people. It will end up like 2008 all over again. D:

        My dad closes on his house in two days. The new owners told him he could leave anything he wanted behind. Sounds like maybe they don’t have a lot of stuff. It works out for both parties though because my dad doesn’t want to move some big stuff so it took some pressure off of him to get it off the property. I’ll be posting about his new place sometime soon. When I find some extra time in my life this week. 😛

      3. I hate that there are people who just see a way to take advantage of a shit situation for themselves instead of helping people.

        Oh nice! That sounds like a win win situation. I can’t wait to see what the new place looks like 😀

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