June 2022

2022 has mostly been a dumpster fire for Mr. C&M and myself. June was less so and we could really use for things to turn around. Fingers crossed, the second half of the year, proves much better than the first.

Plants update:

My pepper seeds sprouted awhile back. Unfortunately, all the habaneros were knocked over in a storm and lost. The hot pepper mix (red, jalapenos and others that I forget) are going strong after being transplanted. My cherry tomatoes have tiny little tomatoes starting and the rosemary and basil are plentiful despite a squirrel attack. (The squirrel is an assumption. Something broke some stalks.)


Samus went for her first ice cream walk yesterday. There is a cute little shop at the end of our road, and she enjoyed the ice cream. She did not enjoy the other people as much. She’s not a fan of children after being carried around like a football by them in the house she came from.

The second picture is not a new addition to the house but a visitor at work. Her name is Brie and she’s the best lil corgi on the planet. One of my coworkers is dog sitting via Rover.com and has had Brie for almost 2 weeks. Her owner travels a lot for work and that kind of upheaval is difficult on a dog when they’re shipped from place to place while the owner is gone. (She was with one dog sitter that ditched her, to her owner’s friend’s house for one night and then onto coworker.) Brie has bonded very heavily with my coworker. To the point that her owner did come home for two days, and she didn’t care much about his reappearance. However, when he dropped her back off to my coworker, she lost her mind jumping and doing zoomies. She’s always welcome at the pharmacy though. She’s great for morale and the customers love her too.


Assassin’s Quest Review

Current read:

I’ve tried to spend as much time as possible outside. The heat and humidity have made it difficult but, every day that is even a little bit cooler, I’m out there soaking it in. I’m hoping for a weekend trip up to my dad’s neck of the woods sometime this summer. He needs some help on his hunting cabin and I just want to go where I can’t hear vehicles for the day.

Do you have any plans for the Fourth of July weekend?

15 thoughts on “June 2022

  1. My plans for the 4th are to play the Doom boardgame on Saturday, help set up a pitching cage at church Sunday afternoon and then do some more setup early monday morning at church. Other than that, I plan to write, write, write…

      1. And if things work out well, I’ll even get out of work early tomorrow so I can kick off the relaxing early with a nice ice cold vanilla coke zero πŸ˜€

  2. Like half my plants died in June as well. Stupid June… I’m still hoping to be out of town for the 4th, since I hate fireworks. But… well, you know. What’ll you be up to?

    1. We’re going to a friend’s house for fireworks on Saturday and now we have visitors coming the following two days. My dad is coming to town which is exciting because I haven’t seen him since January. I’m sure a cookout will ensue. I’ll be happy to stay home Sunday and Monday nights because Samus hates fireworks and we’ll be there to comfort her.

  3. Mary Roach’s books always sound amazing, but I never fricken read them! I’ve heard her on NPR a few times, though. Currently, I am listening to The Storyteller by Dave Grohl, and it’s so great to hear him read his own book. When you travel up to your Dad’s place, maybe you guys can listen to it. Highly recommended.

    Your lilies are beautiful. I think I have some more coming, but since my plants are all new to me, I have no idea what they look like or what kind of lilies they are (or if they are truly lilies at all).

    We don’t have any 4th plans and pretty much never do. We don’t really have friends where we live (I know that sounds depressing, but all of our friends are online). I’m working on getting some in-your-face friends, and I’ll share more on my Sunday Lowdown about that.

    1. Moth and I did the same thing when we bought our houses. The first year, we just waited to see what came up. Then, the next year we started pulling out stuff we didn’t like and replacing it with new stuff. My lilies were a replacement to a garden that was pretty much just weeds. Now I’ve moved half of them from their original spot, to in front of the bay window. There they shall stay.

      Rob and I are in almost the same situation with friends. Dani and Chris we get to see pretty frequently as of lately. And another pair of friends we see every couple of months but as of late, that’s been every couple of weeks too. (They’re hoping to buy a house in our town eventually.) But other than that, most of our friends are online.
      I was looking forward to mostly being home and chilling this weekend but now my dad is coming to visit. I haven’t seen him since January, so I’ll take it!

  4. Ah I thought you’d adopted another little friend but a work puppy is almost just as good. What a darling creature β™₯

    I’m not feeling very “freedomy” this year…which is really an understatement. My friends throw a 4th shindig every year and it’s tomorrow. Depending on if my body cooperates I plan to go and hang out with people at least.

    1. I’ve had the exact same thought about not feeling very freedomy. They already took the rights to my uterus (hopefully temporary), they won’t take my right to fun! Ah…yes…I know that’s not a right but you get what I mean. πŸ˜‰
      I said I was getting out and having fun this summer and damnit I meant it!

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