15 thoughts on “Happy National Nature Photography Day!

    1. The version I bought has both Photoshop and Lightroom. Lightroom is like beginners PS and it has tutorials to teach you how to do things. Eventually, I will look into free online courses too.

  1. I didn’t even notice the muskrat until I saw your caption! The green colors are lush; I love it. Near our place, there are woodchucks everywhere. The goofy creatures love to run across the road. I swear, the woodchuck is to Indiana what the deer is to Michigan.

    1. The woodchuck (or as we call them, Snufflehogs) is Moth’s spirit animal. It’s like she summons them to her. I swear, every time we hang out, we see one. And now, when I see one on my own, I immediately think of her.

  2. Loving how much fun you’re having with your photography and learning Photoshop. ❀ You definitely have the eye for it! Looking forward to seeing plenty more gorgeous nature shots of yours. ^_^

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