Happy Place

Welcome to my new happy place folks. Mr. C&M and I were wandering around, checking out state parks and happened across this secluded fellow.

It’s a state park and waterfowl preserve. Certain times of the year, endangered bird species come here to reproduce. No boats allowed and you can only fish during certain months of the year (the ones opposite of breeding season). So, Mr. C&M took up his reel and caught a decent number of perch and sunfish while I wandered around taking pictures of everything under the sun with my fancy camera. (These are phone photos.)

A small herd of deer came down and walked through the water, not caring very much that I was there. A great blue heron flew back and forth across the lake catching his breakfast. Massive bullfrogs called to one another and there were red-winged blackbirds everywhere. The air randomly smelled of wild roses. It was perfect and it’s only 20 minutes from our house. With gas prices being so high, this is probably where you will find us for most of the summer.

For anyone interested, there is a wonderful app called iNaturalist, where you can take pictures of plants and search their database in order to learn what you’re looking at. That is how I learned that this lovely purple flower is called Spiderworts. Not sure what it did to deserve that name but there you have it.

I hope you’re finding peace in your day-to-day. ❤

21 thoughts on “Happy Place

    1. It almost has to be. Between food prices and gas prices, our budget has nearly doubled. We have a couple longer trips planned later in the summer/fall so I would rather save up for those by doing stuff locally. Plus, we haven’t adventured too far west from our house and that is where all the lovely scenery is.

  1. I’m so glad you found a place like this so close to your home to enjoy. ❤ Can't wait to check it out with you guys one day! ^_^
    That app also sounds super handy! 🙂

    1. Thanks love! I am super excited about this place and can’t wait to share it with you guys. 🙂
      There is another app but I’ve forgotten the name that you can record a bird’s song and it will tell you what species of bird it is without ever having to see the bird. It was very cool and I need to look it up.

  2. Is this the first time you guys have been there? We are still discovering county parks in our area. They’re always tucked away.

    I did not know Rob fishes, though if I thought about it harder I could have guessed, given that he’s a hunter.

    1. It was our second time. We discovered it the weekend before and wandered around a bit with Samus, but Rob was hungover. So, he came back with a friend the day before these photos to try out the fishing and then we came back again so I could enjoy it. (I was at work the day the boys went fishing.)
      He loves fishing. He really hasn’t been in the last couple of years because we have lost his fishing stuff over many moves over the years.

      1. Oh no! Santa should make a note of the lost fishing stuff… OMG, I’m excited about Christmas. I want a Christmas tree that is taller than 3 feet for the first time!

      2. His birthday is in July so if I don’t have the money to get the expensive thing I want to get him, I will get him new fishing tackle. Right now his new stuff is in an ACE paper shopping bag. 😛

      3. Tell him I mean well always and think about him lots and hope he’s okay, but that paper bag tackle box is just too much like the beginning of Tommy Boy when he graduates college and returns home, not with a suitcase, but with a garbage bag of his stuff.

  3. I have spiderwort blooming right now. 🙂 I have downloaded iNaturalist but haven’t used it much. I need to do that. Some of my friends love the Picture This app, but I’m cheap and don’t want to pay a yearly subscription. Glad you found a happy place because we all need at least one.

    1. I only use the app maybe once a month so far, but I like having it available. 🙂
      I’ve come to find that having happy places really helps. My home is one, but I like getting away from it too. This provides me that.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog! I would much rather focus on bog witch summer too. It takes the pressure off and sounds much more enjoyable than hot girl summer. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. 🙂 Bog witch summer is definitely more up my alley. It sounds like oodles more fun that caring about what other people think about how I look. Follow along for more bog witch shenanigans! 😉

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