Potted, Planted, Pulled. We have a theme going with titles here. Everything is plant related recently. I hope you’re enjoying it because it’s what I have going on right now.

I’m still plucking away at Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb. It’s 700+ pages and I’m only sitting down to read it once or twice a week.

This past weekend was the last Saturday to go harvest invasive species at the local fen. I went the week before that however a thunderstorm rolled in. It was the day after a tornado hit the town where I grew up, so I wasn’t so trusting that Mother Nature would be gentle even though another volunteer claimed that, “We’re here to help Mother Nature, she will take care of us.” I bailed.

Pretty field, yes? This is the plant we were pulling. Beautiful, but invasive, Dame’s Rocket.

After that, we spent the entire Memorial Day weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Moth at their place. We bowled, we partied, we ate fantastic food, and we had a drunken night in the hot tub. It was exactly what we needed.

When was your last forest adventure and what was your favorite thing that you saw?

20 thoughts on “Pulled

  1. Mother Nature will take care of us.
    Yeaaaaahhhhh, what was he smoking when he said that? She’s a stone cold beeyatch, that’s what she is.

  2. I love that every hotel hot tub ever has a sign about not getting in if you’re pregnant or drunk. It’s not often those two things can be clumped together.

    Okay, the invasive flowers. Are they killing other plants and thus are invasive, or is it just that they’re not where they are from? Cuz they look cool, like they’re just chillin’…

    1. They squeeze out the natural flora. When you pull them up by the roots, its actually 5-6 stems attached to that one clump of roots. That field after pulling it looked SO empty but next year something better can fill it in. šŸ™‚

      1. Well, it’s a nature preserve so I think they just let nature take back over the area. They don’t actively plant anything. But, clover is a lovely ground cover. The redwoods grove we went to in Cali was covered in giant clovers.

    1. I just finished it and it took me over 2 months. That’s pretty weird for me but I have not been pressuring myself to read unless I really feel like it. My summer reading always slows way down anyway.

      1. I go through periods where I don’t finish anything and I’ll be like five books behind then I just start finishing things left and right. I just knocked out two and am about to finish one more. All hail the library!

      2. I went to the library this past week. I was intent on finding a good mystery novel but every synopsis I read felt very predictable. So, I ended up with a non-fiction about human, nature conflict. I’ve been enjoying it so far. Humans are so dumb.

      3. That’s the one thing you can always depend on: human stupidity. If we could harness the power of that we could solve the energy crisis. I have a few mystery novels on my list. Have you read Unraveling Oliver yet? It was kind of messed up lol.

      4. No, I haven’t. Mystery isn’t on my usual genres list so I can confidently say, I know nothing about any of the books or any of the authors. Which is kind of nice because I can read the synopsis without any preconceived notions.

      5. I think I wound up reading this sort of subpar story called A Silent Child but it whet my appetite for some more mystery. I don’t think I’d like the “cozy mysteries.” Give me messed up any day. I like when it throws you that wtf curve ball. Jeff Strand writes stuff like that.

      6. From time to time, I like cozy mysteries too. I will have to keep Strand in mind. I might continue the Cormoran Strike series by JK Rowling or my grandpa got me into the Alex Knight series that is set in Michigan before he died. I will see where my mood takes me. šŸ˜‰

      7. Strand is definitely one of those out there writers haha. I know you like things that are a bit weird and you won’t be disappointed. I’m finding I actually like mysteries like that, so I’m looking for more authors who write them.

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