The quest this summer is maximum living. I’m on a never-ending quest of fun. (Outside of work because I can’t escape that currently.) Photography, dog training, hiking, disc golf, hanging out with friends, volunteering, traveling, etc.

See? That’s quite a bit of stuff planned.

Why not add one more thing to that list?!

While I’ve been planning to transplant some lilies and eventually pop some annuals in for easy color, I wasn’t planning on going gardening crazy. Then, I was at the store for something completely unrelated, I began flicking through their seeds for sale. They were cheap and here we are:

Mr. C&M requested the cherry tomato plants. So, for our first ever veggie garden (I had them when I was little, before I met my husband. My grandparents were big gardeners) we’re attempting to grow tomatoes and a variety of peppers. As food prices continue to grow, I thought it an advantageous venture. We’ll see what happens!

This past weekend was great. We spent a lot of time with friends, but it all started with going out to a super fancy restaurant as a belated birthday gift. It’s been a minute since we had a date night, and the food was beyond amazing. The desserts were absolutely to die for and we’re planning a dessert and drinks night with Mr. and Mrs. Moth sometime in the future.

Behold! My chocolate berry cake. That’s a chocolate cake with a citrus ganache and mixed berry sorbet. In the background, Mr. C&M’s super fancy pineapple upside cake.

What is the best dessert you’ve had recently??

17 thoughts on “Potted

  1. Good thought on growing your own veggies. Food stuffs are only going to go up.

    Your maximum fun comment made me think of Spaceballs when Darth Helmet tells the spaceship to go to Ludicrous Speed πŸ˜€ Ahhh, good movie.

    I think the last dessert I had was last tuesday at our small group. The hostess made a chocolate trifle and man, it was good!

    1. Truffles are awesome when done right! (I’ve had some lack luster ones.)
      I own TWO copies of Spaceballs for some reason, and I could use a rewatch. If there was ever a movie to bring joy, it’s Spaceballs.
      Going grocery shopping gives me severe anxiety again. Before it was the virus, now it’s the prices. A lot more people are going to be going hungry in America. If we’re successful this year, I’m sure we will expand the gardens next year. (I’m sure we’ll start seeing a boom in at home gardening soon.)

      1. Trifle is different from truffles. It’s usually some kind of vanilla spongecake with whipped cream and fruits and candies or chocolates and either vanilla, chocolate or caramel pudding.

        I don’t own ANY disks of spaceballs. It is always free on Prime so I just watch it there. I probably should get a bluray copy though.

        I’d feel sad for those people. EXCEPT. When I go to walmart I see people using their ebt (the new version of food stamps) cards to buy lottery tickets and other utter crap. Or boxes of twinkies. I like twinkies. But if you need assistance for buying food, you should be hanged and quartered for squandering money on them.
        So I’m conflicted. I want to be sympathetic because we’ve been to the point where we had to use a food bank for about a year but on the other, I know just how shit most of humanity is and I don’t like them.

        Bet you didn’t know you’d get all of that! πŸ™‚

        I’d think about gardens except for us living in a condo up on the third floor. Rather limiting πŸ˜‰

      2. I’ve seen some people work magic on condo balconies! However, if you want to actually use your balcony for hanging out and enjoying beautiful weather, there’s not much room left.

        The EBT cards are definitely double-edged swords. Obviously, there are people out there that really need it and then there are people who take advantage of it and could probably do fine on their own. Determining who is going to do what is probably a very hard job for whatever department is in charge of figuring that stuff out.
        I knew one couple who would buy a grand lobster dinner to make at home every month and then struggle the rest of the time to have enough food in the house. I get you need to treat yo self sometimes but perhaps consider a wiser way.
        Also, I mean even the middle class. People who live paycheck to paycheck and get no assistance. I budget my money and every shopping trip I come home with less and less for what I used to get. But I’m lucky and still have food on my plate.

        Trifle vs. truffle, now I know! And now I want to try a trifle!

      3. We have pretty strict bylaws about the decks at our place. The Association doesn’t want them to degrade into the condo version of trailer trash.

        Yeah, our food budget has gone up significantly too. To the point where we will have to start planning more than we have in the past.

        Trifle is good stuff! I consider it the almost perfect dessert.

  2. Holy crap, that IS some fancy dessert. Okay, so it’s not fancy, but I’m partial to the chocolate cake at B-dubs. It’s so thick and rich. Other than that, I’m more of a Ben & Jerry’s lady myself.

    Those seed packets are deceptive as shit, lol. I’m like, “Hey, zucchini for $2!” and then I dump the seeds all over the place to see what happens. I’m likely to have regrets. Stand by this summer for updates, lol. The only downfalls of planting your own stuff are if animals just get up in there and eat everything before you can, and if it’s a really dry summer you may end up spending a bunch in water. So far, this summer is pretty chill and I have my fingies crossed.

    1. A good cake is a good cake!
      Maybe we’ll get to trade veggies! I really want more friends to live near me so we can start a little commune of sharing. One person grows onions, another grows peppers, and another squash. Trade any excess. I need to get back to going to the farmer’s market in town but right now the hours conflict with volunteering. I’ve been considering learning to make real breads (so far, I’ve only done quick breads) because it seems like bread from the store goes bad faster than it used to.

      1. Also, if it’s been warm/humid around your area, your bread is gonna get mold spots. Another reason I’ll turn on the A/C begrudgingly is because the warmer, wetter weather just kills all the produce in the kitchen.

        Can Rob head to the farmer’s market? Also, I know some bloggers who have joined a co-op and get a box of whatever was grown that week for a fee. It’s always a variety of fruits and vegetables.

      2. There’s not a co-op here that I know of. I would send Rob but I want to go myself. πŸ˜‰ But maybe one day I’ll send him anyway.
        Rob turns on the A/C the moment it gets hot so it’s not that. lol.

  3. I’ve had fresh grown lettuce from my SIL’s garden and it was excellent. I’m a big fan of getting rid of the lawn and replacing it with gardens. It’s a way better use of space.

    I just had some brownies from Uno’s and they were pretty good, but my MIL made me a cake for my birthday and I gotta go with that :p

      1. I am such a simple creature who enjoys just plain yellow cake with buttercream icing YUM.

        Seriously…it would make so much more sense. Lawns do literally nothing but take up precious water and space and look artificial. Give me a garden any day!

  4. Cherry tomatoes are always a good choice, and they do well in the ground or in a container. You will like picking and popping into your mouth for a delicious snack. Best dessert? Simple – any dessert, I love them all. πŸ™‚

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