Coffee & a Chat – Prepping for Chaos

You have been welcomed with a BLEP.

My dad came to visit for a few days. He was going to watch the dogs while we were in California after all, so why not get away from home for a bit since he already had the time off? We worked on a small bathroom project (NO MELANIE IT’S STILL NOT DONE), and then mostly we hung out and watched movies and some TV. Where my dad lives, he doesn’t get cable or internet so he’s been through his movie collection multiple times. It’s funny watching someone’s mind being blown by all the options presented by streaming.

This has mostly been a lazy vacation. Lots of rest and relaxation. A bit of gutting and organizing parts of the house. Plenty of time to get schoolwork done before its due. It’s been great.


They are calling for 12-18 inches of snow to hit us.

To be honest, I am totally okay with this. I welcome the snow chaos. As long as I don’t lose power.

So that means, we’re spending today prepping for the incoming storm. Unfun activities like grocery shopping and hitting the pet store for food for the animals as well. Gotta bust out all the winter gear because there is going to be a lot of shoveling in our future.

It’s funny because a few months ago Mr. C&M and I agreed that we would like to be snowed in for a week. We’re not getting a full week but I will take the couple of days before returning to work.

Hot cocoa, coffee, soup, books, puzzles, video games, locked and loaded.

Are you getting hit with the storm? If so, what do you plan to do during it?

23 thoughts on “Coffee & a Chat – Prepping for Chaos

  1. We got over 15 inches in NYC last week 😦 It’s still piled up and a slushy mess. We didn’t lose power or internet service but parts of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts did. Fingers crossed yours stays on and you can just enjoy the snowed-in time!

  2. We were “supposed” to get close to 24 this past weekend. After 6in it went phhhttttt. I’m ok with that though.

    Good luck with your chaos preparations. Lots of food is always good 😀

  3. There is nothing that tickles me quite like being called out in a blog post. 🤣

    Okay, the bizarre thing about the weather here is right now everything is MELTING. It’s in the 40s. It’s going to start raining in about 90 minutes. And then POW, all the snow. In-person classes cancelled for Wed/Thur (I don’t have Tue/Thur classes anyway). Getting that 50-minute commute back makes me day feel weird and so OPEN.

    Funny story in regards to your dad and not having cable: my mom used to WORK at a cable company. Like, if you’re cable got goofy, you went to the cable company and yelled at her. Anyway, we lived on a dirt road where we did not get cable. However, you could see the damn power line pole where it STOPPED. How infuriating! Dish TV was a game changer, I tell ya. Are you and your dad going to watch any horror? If you do, you should ask him for some answers for a guest post on Sugar & Scream!

    1. It did the same thing here! The original snow is all melted and the new snow is starting now. My little weather app says 100% chance of snow all day. Bring it on!
      My dad could get Dish but they pissed him off years ago and that small man can hold a grudge.
      How awful for your parents! lol.
      My dad went home Monday. We watched Tremors: Shrieker Island, Dune, Love and Monsters. He said he’s not really into horror movies anymore. He said he got that out while I was young apparently. Action flicks are his bread and butter these days and I can only watch one of those at a time.
      It still wouldn’t be a bad idea for us to ‘interview’ our parents about their favorite horror movies though. 🙂

      1. After my dad and I watched Frozen, that horror movie about being stuck on a ski lift, on Christmas Day, we texted each other about it so much. It was like we kept seeing wacky-ass ski lift accidents in the news! So funny! Normally, he and my mom don’t watch much horror at all, though I will say Biscuit is quite twisted in a way you don’t see coming.

      2. Well, one time we were doing a Zoom book club with my local library, and we were all just chit chatting before getting started. This one lady was exasperated because her sister is a diabetic but doesn’t eat like one. The woman said, “Either you do what you’re supposed to do or you die!” and my mom started cracking up, which got me cracking up. We no longer go to this book club, lol.

    1. We were great! I loved not leaving the house lol. There was a decent amount of shoveling but even that wasn’t too bad.
      My boss closed the pharmacy early the first day. That hasn’t happened in 10 years so I was a little jealous but hey, I didn’t even have to leave the house that day so I still win.

      1. Whoa, you know it’s bad when it hasn’t happened in ten years, but I think it was a good move. On one hand pharmacies are pretty essential, but if people can’t get out anyway what’s the point of having it open and having the staff risk it to be out?

  4. I’m glad you guys lived it up being all nice and cozy and playing video games. With how stressful things have been, you guys deserved the rest and relaxation for sure! ❤
    I was definitely thankful for the 2 snow my work took off for it. Even though we'd just been off, I always get pumped for snow days. lol

    1. I need to find a profession in which we get snow days. 😛 I don’t remember if I told you but Steve closed the pharmacy early for the first time in 10 years and of course, I wasn’t there for it. Oh well. Better to not be at work at all!
      I think those 2 days helped more than most of the week of being off. There was no rush to do anything, and we were able to absorb ourselves in fun stuff, just the two of us.

      1. Aw, I’m so glad. ❤
        Haha you did tell me about that. It's funny how even if you don't have to be there at all, you still feel ripped off when you miss out on something like getting out early, or in my work's case, pajama day. On the rare occasion that I've missed out on pajama day at work I feel so disappointed, and then I remember that I am literally at home and get to wear my PJ's all day anyway, but still. 😛

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