On the Road – Book Review

Published Date: September 5, 1957

Pages: 307

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

Two losers bum back and forth across the country, doing drugs and having sex.

I have no idea why I finished it.

-lunch book at work-

*This book really does not deserve anymore time than I gave it. *

13 thoughts on “On the Road – Book Review

  1. I started this because it was a favourite book of a work colleague. Male, but a similar age to me. I’ve done quite a few American road trips, but I just found it tedious, and gave up. Drugs and sex, drugs and sex. I reckon William Least Heat Moon’s Blue highway (I think I’ve got that right) is a more interesting road trip book!!

  2. Omg I think this book was laying around my house while growing up. I never read it because it seemed like something that was “too old” for me. I’m so glad even as an adult I never got to it. I’ve heard it described as one of the great classics, but nah, I’m glad I skipped it now.

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