Coffee & a Chat – Still Here

Good morning creeps. Your ghoul is still undead and kicking. Quite frankly, that’s very much what everything feels like right now. Haha. I think the past 3 weeks have just reeked havoc on me, physically and mentally.

First, there was Ozzy’s crisis. He’s doing splendid now but there was a full 2 weeks dedicated to not much besides his care. We did get a little break away up north but that carried it’s own stressors that I will post about when I get time to upload some lovely pictures.

Second, I came down with some type of stomach bug? Not sure what exactly but it wasn’t Covid. I tested out of paranoia.

Third, when I finally started to feel better, I got my third Pfizer shot. The side effects kicked in about 24 hours later. So, I didn’t do much this past week except lay around feeling like hell and binge watching Grace and Frankie, plugging in a couple of horror movies here and there.

Now, I just feel altogether run down. Work has been chaos so that hasn’t helped anything. I haven’t even decorated for Halloween yet! Perhaps once I get past the Accounting midterm this week, I can stress a little less.

Until then, I hope everyone is having all kinds of Halloween fun!

7 thoughts on “Coffee & a Chat – Still Here

  1. OMG, my heart! At first I did not see that little dog in the pic and was thinking this was some Halloween-loving person who named their candy bowl, lol.

    I have two midterms coming up myself, I feel you girl. I’ve been giving myself some time to watch TV shows. I mentioned Midnight Mass. I also watched all the new Grace and Frankies (this new season didn’t have many episodes??). I love how emboldened Grace is in the newest (short) season. I tried watching The Kominsky Method, but jesus, that first episode put my heart in a food processor. ANd of course, there’s the Great British Baking Show and now Baking Impossible, which is pretty fricken’ cool.

    1. I’ve been binging Grace and Frankie while I’ve been sick/not in the mood to life and I’m in season 4 currently. I want to be at least half-Frankie when I’m old lol.
      I think I need to catch up on a season of MasterChef but I keep forgetting to check. I’ve also been rewatching 30 Rock for the one millionth time. But to be fair, I put that on in the background while I’m doing this a lot so it doesn’t have 100% of my attention.

  2. man, I’m surprised you even wrote this. Great job! Having all that stress and the physical maladies on top of work and school.

    I’d say go eat a big bowl of consolation icecream, but that probably wouldn’t actually help in any way!

    1. I mean, ice cream does help if only for a minute lol.
      I had the cup of coffee and about 15 minutes before work and was thinking of all the OTHER things I wanted to post about but didn’t have the time so this was thrown together. I feel guilty when it’s been over a week since I have posted. If I keep making progress on school like I have been this week, this weekend should open up so I can post some fun things.

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