Pumpkin Snickerdoodles w/Vanilla Chips

Welcome to October Ghouls and Ghosts! Sure, I am 8 days behind that statement but who cares? It’s the greatest month of the year!

I made some new cookies as a thank you to my coworkers and aunt for helping me out during Ozzy’s healing process. (He’s doing great.) They were a huge hit and all of them, I mean ALL OF THEM, were sucked down in one day.

I highly recommend dunking them in a pumpkin spice coffee for maximum pumpkin goodness. In fact, I think I should make another batch of these this weekend!

The original recipe calls for white chocolate chips but your ghoul here, did not have any. I had vanilla though and they still turned out scrumptious!

Recipe here.

16 thoughts on “Pumpkin Snickerdoodles w/Vanilla Chips

  1. These look tasty. I read through the recipe, and when I got to the part where she’s like, “This will be a very soft dough,” I was like errmmmm….uhhhh….errrrr…. I get so frustrated with soft dough! It sticks to your hands like crazy.

    1. Refrigerate for 1 hour! It really wasn’t that sticky after that. I used a cookie dough scoop and had no problems. 🙂
      I’m impressed that you read through her instructions. I skip directly to the recipe and miss all the tips lmao.

      1. I think I skimmed, or there was some kind of tip in there about it being really wet….OH! The part where she says use a cheese cloth and strain your canned pumpkin.

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