Coffee & a Chat – Cystotomy

Whew. It’s been a week.

The weekend before this past one, Ozzy began acting funny. Crying constantly, needing to go outside constantly, dribbling pee but not much coming out. He was so uncomfortable. I know this because this is the most stoic dog I’ve ever met and he never whines about anything except boredom. We stayed up almost that entire Saturday night. I think we may have got about 3 hours of sleep collectively.

Sunday morning, I took him to the emergency vet. They took him back (you’re not allowed to go in still) and proceeded to keep him for 4 hours and did nothing for him. I know they have to triage critical cases, however, how do you determine who is critical when you do not even examine them for hours? I had to make the decision that if he was going to die due to lack of medical care, that he might as well do it at home where he is comfortable. They handed him back wordlessly to me, he was dribbling pee everywhere and went back inside. No apologies.

Thankfully, he made it through the night and his regular vet got him in immediately the next day. After examining him, she was furious at the ER vet. He had a urinary blockage and his bladder was distended 4-5 times its normal size. It took her 30 seconds to palpitate his bladder and find the problem. A x-ray revealed a bladder full of stones and one was blocking his urethra. He went into emergency surgery and she saved his life.

He is almost 13 but we were not ready to let him go over something so stupid as bladder/kidney stones (still waiting on the labs results). He is that once in a lifetime dog. One night without him practically crushed us because we got a taste of life without him.

We’re just over a week into recovery now and he’s finally feeling a little spunky again. He gets to go to work with me this week so I can keep him from jumping and licking his incision. He’s enjoying all the attention and treats.

He gets his staples and stitches out this Thursday and then we head up north for bow hunting season this weekend. We’ll hang out at my dad’s, continuing his recovery while the boys go hunt things. I have so much schoolwork to catch up on, I’ll be hitting cafes while he sleeps since my dad doesn’t have internet.

Look at that cute face. LOOK AT IT.

26 thoughts on “Coffee & a Chat – Cystotomy

  1. I read the email you sent me and need to reply, but I’ll also add here that it’s so hard to make decisions about pets as they get older. On the one hand, I don’t want to drop a massive wad of cash on an animal that maybe has a couple of years left, but then there’s the conflicting “I LOVE THEM!” combined with “are they suffering?” Pet ownership gets so complicated, and I’m glad you and the spouse were able to make some decisions and get everything fixed up right.

    1. We had said he would never have another surgery BUT stones is a stupid thing to die from and other than his age, he’s doing good health wise. So this was 100%, we’re going to spend a lot of money and maybe get another year/two/three but he’s the greatest dog either of us have ever had so we said fuck it. It’s just money we can’t take with us when we die.
      Now, here’s me being a complete dick, if it was my cat, I don’t think I would have done it. :3 (I say that, but if I saw her in pain, I might break.)

  2. Aww, poor pup! That is insane what happened at that ER. Were they understaffed and completely overwhelmed? I can’t imagine how else they would miss something that your vet was able to diagnose in a couple minutes. I’m happy he’s on the mend though!

    1. I really don’t know as they never explained anything other than they kept saying critical cases kept coming in. How are they going to know who’s critical when they don’t look at them? Is there method, there must be blood? It was really baffling.
      Thank you. ❀ Stitches and staples out today. πŸ™‚

  3. I would’ve been fucking livid. I get that it’s a global pandemic and they have to take the most severe patients first, but I’d think any vet would have the idea that the symptoms he was showing could’ve been something like that. What if he bladder had burst?? That sounds like an emergency to me. Poor Ozzy. How could you not love that face β™₯

    1. If his bladder had burst, he would have gone septic and died. I asked my vet. As it was, his poor bladder was so beat up, after she removed all the stones and was trying to put it back into place, it kept tearing.
      They received a very nasty google review but it’s ridiculous that that is the only option I have in the situation. Suing them would probably cost more than the surgery and the surgery tapped me out.
      Hopefully there is never a next time but if there is, I’m driving to Ohio or Detroit for an emergency vet.

      1. Holy shit…yeah there isn’t much legal recourse that isn’t going to cost you thousands of dollars. I hate that it’s like this. I’m glad Ozzy is okay, but I’m angry for you. Yeah, if you have another place you could take him next time (god forbid there BE a next time) I’d go with that. We’ve only had to use the emergency vet once for my Kin-mei and I kind of knew what was going to happen in that situation. He was at the end of his cancer fight.

      2. Thanks. ❀ I'm telling every pet owner I know our story in hopes it decreases their business but also doesn't end up causing a pet's death. I saw they posted on their Facebook that someone threatened to throw a molotov cocktail at their building and while I don't condone violence, I do understand where that person was coming from. :3
        I'm so sorry that your poor kitty had to go through that. Pets should not be able to get cancer. I mean, no one should but especially not pets. D:

      3. I mean…I feel the same way. I don’t condone violence buuuuut I MAYBE saw that person at Starbucks when the device was thrown. I wouldn’t want people to go there because I’d be worried a pet would die from something preventable why they were waiting around for service.

        I honestly think we should be able to take time away from terrible people and give them to pets, but I haven’t quite figure out how to do that…yet.

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