My Best Friend’s Exorcism – Book Review

Published Date: May 17, 2016

Publishing Co.: Quirk Books

Pages: 330

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Well, this book certainly did not make me miss high school. Teenagers are just too much drama and make so many dumb decisions. I know, once upon a time, I was one. I don’t miss those days unlike a lot of people. This is part of the reason why I don’t read YA all too often, I get all grouchy about the young idiots.

Gretchen and Abby are accidental BFFs. Gretchen was forced to come to Abby’s birthday party by her parents and when no one else showed up, a very rude Abby managed to make a best friend while being very rude. I for one, would have said peace out to this beast and went home. But Gretchen is a better person than I am and saw someone in pain and tried to help them.

Fast forward several years to high school, they’re still inseparable. However, a strange night at the lake ends with Gretchen missing in the woods and when she is finally found, she’s not the normal Gretchen. As months go by, her hygiene declines, she starts fights with everyone and she is scribbling creepy things in her notebook.

My one major issue with this book is, we never find out just HOW Gretchen gets possessed by a demon. There isn’t a demonic backstory. This demon was just hanging out in the water/woods, waiting to possess someone?

The ending is DEPRESSING. Mostly, because I cannot imagine having the kind of friendship they end up having, with my BFF. I know it’s realistic which makes it all the more sad.

The moral of the story here is; don’t let your BFF jump off the end of a dock without you. If someone is getting possessed, you might as well bring chaos down on those around you TOGETHER. Twice the possession, twice the fun.

Thank you Melanie at Grab the Lapels for the book. ❤

28 thoughts on “My Best Friend’s Exorcism – Book Review

  1. One thing that stood out to me about this book is how well Hendrix captured elementary and teen girls. I mean, I really knew these people, especially in the elementary part. Weirdly, I can remember that time of my life vividly.

    The scary thing about the possession is the book implies a demon lived in the woods and raped Gretchen, and that’s how he got in. Gross. It’s not super dealt with, but it’s there. I wonder if it was some sort of nod to Evil Dead and the rape tree.

    1. See, I thought Abby just kind of assumed that Gretchen was raped and then went with it. The lack of the explanation of the demon just really bothers me. We don’t know if it was in the water, in the forest, or why it was hanging out there of all places. At points, I wasn’t even sure there was a possession or if she just badly damaged her head diving into the river bed. I’ve got questions that need answers damnit! 😛

      1. It is true that when Abby thought there was someone or something chasing her through the woods and grabbing at her that it could have been her imagination. They WERE drinking and smoking pot right beforehand. But if this was a human rape, then who assaulted Gretchen?

      2. I’m not 100% sure there was a rape at all. I don’t remember what triggered Abby to think that but I felt like I thought she was jumping to conclusions. Or, my attention span drifted and I missed it entirely.

      3. I’m combing through my brain now…I think Gretchen said there was some guy who kept pinning her down in her bed and was there every night? Either way, totally creepy. Also, what if the demon is just HORMONES?? Ahhhhhccck!

      4. Oh, you might be right. For some reason I read that as him forcing his way into her brain not rape. Maybe it’s my problem, I tend to view demons as a psychological attack more than physical even though there usually ends up being physical manifestations of the possession. Not that any of this is real lol.

  2. I was actually kind of interested by the title, but I think I’d get annoyed about it too because of the random possession. Like does this happen often? Is there a history? I need more answers! That would annoy me. Also hearing it has a depressing ending is a big no for me. Not that I have an issue with sad/depressing endings when warranted, but it’s kind of the icing on the tombstone at this point.

    1. There was no history and that’s a large part of what annoyed me too. It was not a bad book by any means but if you’re not looking for sad endings, don’t try it. I feel like, due to the state of the world, I’ve avoided depressing reads for quite some time. I love grim dark but I can’t tell you the last time I read one. I’ll look at them on my shelves and begrudgingly move on.

      1. I feel that. I’ve been holding off on continuing some series like the Greatcoats becaue while I loved the first one, my god was is sad AF. If I’m reading for an escape I the last thing I want is something grimdark when I could just look around lol. Only exception I’d make is for when/if the next A Song of Ice and Fire comes out, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

      2. I’d like to think it would be but I have so many things to read that it’s kind of okay with me now lol. And I’m not mad about it like some of the people I’ve seen like HOLY SHIT are people big mad. I mean I get wanting to know how a story ends, but I think maybe because I write, too, I get how it’s a process and sometimes that process breaks down. People are also major assholes to Patrick Rothfuss. Dude can’t even post about streaming on Twitch without assholes asking “When you gonna finish the trilogy?”

      3. I am not into harassing authors about when they’re going to finish stuff but also, when are they going to finish stuff?? Lmfao. I would never in a million years say anything to them though. I do wonder though, did they start the series with no idea really how to end it? Now they’re just stuck trying to figure it out?

      4. Oh definitely lol. I want GRRM to finish so badly. I do wonder if that’s the case. If either they wrote themselves into a corner or just need the time to finish. I think I’m more sympathetic because I’ve been struggling ith my WIP for years now and I think I’m finally on a good trajectory but it’s still taking sooooo long.

      5. I’ve never written a book so I cannot judge. I know Moth’s first draft has taken some time (I haven’t been timing exactly how long) but I’m reading it right now so that’s exciting. 🙂

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