Went to Hell

Sorry for being MIA. I went to Hell.

But don’t worry because I came back again!

You see, there is tiny town in Michigan called Hell. It’s only about an hour from our house. Mr. C&M has gotten into riding motorcycles so for his first bike trip, my dad and his friends came over and we took the road paved with good intentions.

It was one Hell of time.

Once the Hell puns start, you have a Hell of a time stopping them.

The food was to die for.


The town fully leans into it’s name and the people that work there have fun with it. We had a great time and I will definitely be dragging some people back to Hell with me. >:D

19 thoughts on “Went to Hell

      1. I have checked this, and it appears to be the only Hell. Weird, as I would’ve thought it’d be in the South somewhere 😂

  1. I can’t recall if I’ve ever been there, but I definitely know about it. I love how often Hell comes up in random TV shows and such as being one of those places you have to go, and all because of the name. I wonder what it’s like there on Halloween.

      1. I’m so in awe that you two are still friends — from high school, yes? All my high school friends disappeared on me. Then again, it doesn’t help that they all had children and assumed I wouldn’t want to hang with them. On the one hand, no, I’m not going to listen to hours of stories about toddlers. On the other hand, if all my old friends have to talk about is toddlers, I worry that they have very little interior life, or life outside the house, and that’s not great.

      2. We’ve actually been BFFs since elementary school. 4th grade I believe. Is that middle school? I don’t know anything about children and what grades are considered what. We actually just celebrated 25 years BFFs. All my high school friends disappeared on me too. Pretty much for the kid reason or other random things. I have actually made quite a few kid-free friends in my area and I highly enjoy it. I only like certain kids and I think my quota is currently full thanks to nieces and nephews.

  2. If you had said you went to Hell and fought Satan I would just accepted that as something else that happened in this time line lol. Tbh Hell looks pretty sweet. Like it looks serene and chill (ironically). I’d hang out there 😀

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