Gluten Free Vanilla Cupcakes

One of the new pharmacists at work has Celiac Disease. She never wants anyone to go out of their way to make her anything but we were having a joint birthday party for her and another coworker. Ya girl here, cannot see someone NOT have a birthday dessert. So, I embarked on my first adventure in gluten free baking.

It was not as hard as anticipated. I even substituted coconut oil for butter in this recipe because another coworker is lactose intolerant. I still put regular milk in it though since it was what I had on hand. Either she avoided the dessert altogether or it didn’t upset her stomach too badly.

I think they turned out pretty great. They had good flavor and the consistency wasn’t even that different. The only issue I had was since I replaced butter with coconut oil, the frosting would get pretty hard in the fridge. I left them out for the party to thaw some.

Recipe here.

14 thoughts on “Gluten Free Vanilla Cupcakes

  1. Looks good!

    I am glad I am not gluten intolerant, at least not yet. My mom is and while she’s learned to deal with it, I feel bad because she can’t eat regular bread or have regular pizza.

  2. They look awesome! I’ve been gluten free for years now, but I haven’t baked much aside from cookies or pumpkin bread. That was so sweet of you to try to remove more dairy as well. ❤️ I’ll attempt these!

  3. Actually, the harder frosting sounds like it would have a neat textural element that I would enjoy. I’m personally a big fan of cold chocolate chip cookies because I like when the chocolate chips are hard, not gooey.

    1. Weirdo. 😛 While I like both, I favor warm and gooey when it comes to baked goods. Rob just brought home a zucchini from a coworker and is requesting zucchini bread now. I did say I was going to try to get some baking in while I’m off of school…

      1. Ah I think that’s just a cake thing sadly, or do you mean they dried out faster comparied to cake with gluten? I wonder if putting an apple slice in with them would help. My aunt would use that trick to keep cakes moist!

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