A Court of Thorns and Roses (#1) – Book Review

Published Date: May 5, 2015

Publishing Co.: Bloomsbury USA

Pages: 419

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Honestly, I told myself I would never read anything by Sarah J. Maas. The things I had read from reviewers about her other series about assassins, were pretty off putting for someone who only dabbles in young adult books once in awhile. They have to really catch my attention or be recommended by people I trust to get me to give them a shot anymore. I’m in my thirties and plenty jaded at this point.

In this case, I had not one but two people tell me that I should give this specific series a try. That in mind, worlds still had to collide before I picked it up. I was on vacation. I didn’t bring the book I was reading because it was falling apart and I wasn’t sure how much time I would actually have to read. Turns out, it was a decent amount. So I hit the local independent bookstore where I was, the selection was wanting, and I picked this up in the clearance section.

I opened it, fully skeptical, of what I would find.

I was hooked by chapter two. I loved the poor main character angle, just trying to keep her family alive with the skills she picked up by watching others and trial and error. That’s a girl I can get behind. A survivor. Her situation sucked and it was about to get worse (or better) thanks to a chance encounter with faeries.

Feyre doesn’t listen very well. I can get behind that. I don’t particularly like when people tell me what I can and cannot do either. In this case, it leads to trouble she has to fight her way out of and/or be rescued from. I’m currently team Tamlin as he’s (mostly) a gentleman, as I have a feeling this is going to become a love triangle. Normally, this trope would bother me but I’m very interested in the back story of the possible other boy toy. The big issue is resolved in this novel so I’m not entirely sure what book two holds but I’ve been told by my friend that it’s better than book one. She lead me straight with her recommendation so I’m sure I will pick up the next book as well.

This felt darker to me than a lot of young adult novels these days (I say this like I read a lot of them), and I think that made it feel a little more grown up for me. Reading other people’s reviews reminded me that this is supposed to be a Beauty and the Beast retelling, and honestly, that’s a vague comparison. If you ignore that altogether, you’ll probably enjoy it more.

That riddle was hella easy tho, homegirl.

19 thoughts on “A Court of Thorns and Roses (#1) – Book Review

  1. medic! medic!
    Another one’s fallen to the maas plague, sir. What do we do?

    Only thing we can private. Shoot her dead.


    It was nice knowing you C&C, you fought bravely…..

  2. Are these books actually YA, or did they get thrown into YA because they’re fantasy written by a woman? Cuz that happens, and it sucks. I love that the narrator is stubborn! There are a lot of fantasy characters who follow someone else’s lead, or the wisdom of a humany-y barn owl, or whatever. I have not read Maas myself, but if you’re loving it…..

    I’m also glad it’s not a perfectly continuous series. I like the series that have a stopping point but also a larger quest that carries into the following books.

    1. I don’t think the main character’s age is ever really revealed but I could see it being categorized either way. The author is a very young woman so that makes it a distinct possibility. This bitch sees a big, scary wolf that might be fae and just shoots it lol.
      I could probably leave off at this book and be satisfied, it had a pretty conclusive ending. It teased a little but not enough that I would die if I didn’t continue the series.

  3. Omg I felt the same way about Maas because I read a sample of Throne of Glass and wasn’t really into it, but this is much different. So I had to eat crow after reading/reviewing this story because there was shit that bothered me, but then after I read the second book I was like “Ohhhhhhh” and I had to backtrack on everything lol.

    I freaking love her Crescent City series that only has one book out so far and I’m losing my mind waiting for the next one.

    1. I read the synopsis for the Crescent City book and it does peak my interest! I think I’ll work on this series though and give her time to get further with that series before I pick it up. Plus, we know me, I take forever to finish a series thanks to series ADD lol. I think my entire bookish resolution for 2022 is going to be continue/complete as many series as possible that I’ve started over the years.
      I’m excited to get to book two (hopefully soonish) and see what you’re talking about. 🙂

      1. Omg I did the same damn thing. I wanted to work on reading/completing series either this year or last year and I utterly failed lol. I want to continue with the Talon Series, Greatcoats, and Parasol Protectorate. I think I’ve been reading shortish novels in order to make sure I make my challenge number (25). I’ve also read way less graphiic novels/manga this year. I think I maybe read one, but I have the last Black Hammer to read. I think Saga might be coming out the beginning of next year. That’s one of those “drop everything you’re doing and read this NOW” novels. I think there are a few more books in ACOTAR even after the third, but they’re more side stories? Like they follow some of the auxillary characters, which I’m cool with. Yes! I can’t wait until you finish it whenever you do 😀

      2. Saga is one of the series I need to catch up on! I own all of the ones currently released but I haven’t read any comics this year I don’t think. Greatcoats and Parasol Protectorate are going to be on my list as well. I will have a create a master list when the time comes. I’ve continued/completed about 4 series so far this year, without it being my overall goal. I’m currently reading book #3 in the Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne series. I thought I had read book 2 just last year, turns out, it was almost 4 years ago. :3

      3. I think the next one is supposed to come out early next year. I have literally no idea what is going to happen and I love it. I should make a list myself hm. Those usually help steer me in the right direction.

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