Chribirmorial Day Book Haul

What the hell is Chribirmorial Day you ask? Well it’s what happens when a pandemic keeps you from seeing your BFF. It’s when you combine many holidays into one and party like you haven’t seen each other in 7 months. It’s Christmas + birthdays + Memorial Day.

We had a cook out at Ms. Moth‘s parents house, who, went above and beyond with the food. There was SO much and it was SO delicious.

We also had a puppy party. My dogs were introduced to her parents dog and it went really well. They’re chums now.

I felt absolutely revitalized after the weekend of fun, great food and fantastic people. Life was great. And then…….hell week at work. I don’t even have words for it. People are monsters.

Guess we’ll just have to plan another cook out.

Until then, I’m staying on my little piece of property. Staring lovingly at my new books Mr. and Mrs. Moth got me.

16 thoughts on “Chribirmorial Day Book Haul

  1. I’m sorry that people are monsters! Some of them are okay, but the rest of them… yup, monsters.
    7 months of partying all rolled into one? Ummm how’s the food hangover? Or the regular one?

  2. I wondered if things would calm down after people had to wait in line to get vaccinated. Maybe it’s different at your pharmacy, but in South Bend they can’t seem to get rid of vaccines. They had a clinic with 1,000 J&J vaccines and only 75 people showed up. I heard on the news they threw away hundreds of vaccines in Michigan because they have too many.

    1. We’re throwing doses away on a regular basis now. Sometimes we only have 1 vaccine a day. People are just being monsters because they’re all angry about everything now. They’re taking their pent up rage out on anyone who has to work with the public. Hospital pharmacy is starting to sound real good right about now.

      1. That’s just wild. I wonder who keeps requesting more doses be sent to pharmacies with numbers so low, and why we’re not sending vaccines to places like India, or even Australia or Canada, two places where my book blog buddies there are having a hard time getting vaccines.

      2. I believe Biden said we’re going to start sending them to places that desperately need them but I am so out of the loop on current news the past couple of weeks.

      3. HARD SAME. I just cannot stand the relentless awfulness anymore. I’ve been all “Not today, Norah O’Donnell.” Think about it: how many years of your life did you survive just fine — and still vote for decent candidates who can make a difference — without following the news closely?

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