May Mini-Reviews

I read all of TWO books in May. I started school the second week and that has really ate up my free time. June 7th I begin my second class for the semester and it’s accelerated. Not sure why I did that to myself. I was feeling rather cocky I suppose.

3 out of 5 stars – Usually, even when I go years between a series’ books, I can still remember most of what happened. Not so much this time. But, I’m stubborn and refuse to go back and reread the first book. Either it will come back to me or it won’t. The main reason I enjoyed the first book so much was the great representation of a good female friendship. Here the two heroines are separated for the duration of the book. Overall, 3/4 of it was okay and the last 1/4 was actually pretty good. Undecided whether I will continue the series or just give up.

I ordered Stephen King’s Pet Sematary for a buddy read with Ignited Moth on our other blog, Sugar and Scream. It’s currently the only thing I want to read so I’m reading nothing until it arrives. :3


I am ready to party with my favorite person. ❤

15 thoughts on “May Mini-Reviews

  1. I have some book news for you. I’ve just finished painting two book shelves (the wife and I will paint some artwork on the sides eventually too). We will be setting them up, full of books, in our lounge room so I’ll see them and be more inclined to read them hehe. We’ve (tge wife and I) have made an agreement to read more. When we first got together we used to love lazy Sundays drinking tea or wine and reading together. Anyway, thought you should know hahaha. I don’t particularly like the sound of this one you’ve reviewed but I’m definitely going to get that Lemmy one!

    1. Woooohoooo! I love ALL of that. I expect bookshelf pictures when you’re done! I think that’s an awesome idea you guys have. Honestly, I don’t think you would like this Witchlands series so don’t waste your time. Life is too short for books you won’t enjoy!

  2. I had the same problem with Sabaa Tahir’s Ember in the Ashes series. The last book in the quartet came out and I had to try to remember all the stuff that happened before, and I felt bad I couldn’t get into as much as I wanted. It’s getting better the more I read, but it took a while.

    Aw a cupcake and moth reunion ♥

    1. OMG the reunion was SO fantastic and I cannot wait to do it again. 😀
      Yeah, I feel a little guilty about not taking the effort to reread BUT there are so many books in the world to get to, I don’t have time for that!

      1. Girl, I JUST read an article about all the stuff we’ll miss because there’s just not enough time. Like it was kind of existential crisis/nihilistic like, but it made sense. You have to parse out your time accordingly. I like when there’s a little bit of a recap tbh. Hell…I should start doing that with my stuff come to think of it.

      2. Urban fantasies usually recap every book. Which, if you read one right after the other, gets a little annoying because I want to groan, “I knooooooooooowww” but it makes sense to do. Lol.

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