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Zelda cheering me on.

It’s actually well past coffee time. Although, I’ve met people that coffee time is also 10 pm. However, for myself, if I drink it anytime after 5 pm, I’m up half the night. It’s approaching dinner time here, I meant to post this earlier, but I decided to do schoolwork first and that led to hours of frustration.

I’m good now. I didn’t realize I was missing a whole section of my digital textbook/workbook, now I know why it took so long to be successful with my homework. I DIDN’T HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION.

Now that I have that figured out, I’m going to start all over again and get back on track.

It’s only been one week since I started school but I can foresee this is my life now lol. Work, school, finishing bathroom and then sometimes, there might be room for other stuff.

Currently reading:

Currently watching: Mr. C&M and I just started this for the first time and we are invested after only 6 or 7 episodes.

Did you get your taxes done on time?! We turned ours in months ago and still haven’t received anything. Sounds like that’s par for the course this year though.

36 thoughts on “Coffee & a Chat – Study Buddy

  1. re: taxes
    Did you file electronically? and get your refund electronically? Or was it all paper?

    We did our in March and had our refund in about a week.

    1. Electronically but through a tax expert that I paid. I stopped in and they said this is probably how it’s going to be this year. Apparently, the IRS with all the changes this year, decided to do 3 million refunds by hand. I was probably one of those ‘lucky’ ones.

      1. Whaaaat. I did my taxes electronically and had to pay the government right away! Well, for federal. Then, I got a break with the state. Still, it was a fast exchange.

  2. Will you review Lemmy? 🙂
    Ditto: Bookstoge. My taxes were filed electronically and I received my refund shortly after filing.

      1. All this talk about metal bios reminds me I should pick up Bruce Dickinson’s again. I gave up because someone had marked it up in odd ways, making no sense. I couldn’t focus on the book. I was always trying to figure out why something was underlined or circled.

        Go spend your refund on books now 🙂

  3. I saw that the lead singer of Judas Priest just came out with a new book, too. I totally forgot that man came out of the closet after decades of hiding.

    Also, I feel like Lemmy’s book title should have the word “literally” in it. I mean, he is famous for that doot on his face.

    1. I would love to read Halford’s book as well. Dio’s autobiography is supposed to come out in June last I heard. I don’t think there is anything quite like the stories these people can tell. 😉

      1. According to his wife, he had been working on it for years prior to his death. I’m assuming she needed help collecting everything and putting it together, but I don’t really have a solid answer to that.

  4. I can’t even pretend to play it cool about how friggin’ pumped I am that you guys are watching AoT now. 😀
    I’m glad that the school frustration you were having turned out to be a relatively easy fix. Now that you have everything you need you’ll be slaying that homework and taking names. ❤

    1. I had further setbacks after this but I’ll get there!
      AoT – Rob is making me SO mad by falling asleep by the last episode of the night so then I have to wait for him to catch up again. D:<

  5. Ah isn’t that the worst? Then you realize what the problem was and it’s like “well if I had freaking known?!”

    I’ve been watching the last season of Castlevania and this show Call the Midwife, which my friend has been bugging me to watch for years lol. I love it, but I’m always slow with stuff like that.

    1. Mr. C&M and I just started watching Attack on Titan last week. We’re already part way through season 3. We’re really digging it and wondering why it took us so long to watch it lol. The answer though is me. I’m always reluctant with animes for some reason.

    1. Thank you! I am working hard at it. My second class starts next week so I will really be dividing my time coming up. I decided last night that Wednesdays are my nights to do nothing but me time or I won’t get any. 🙂

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