Easy Banana Bread Pancakes

Sorry that I’ve been a little MIA. I’m currently lost in the process of remodeling our bathroom and it’s been a doozy. But, I have to keep people fed to keep the work going so I tried out a new recipe this morning.

It was quick, from scratch and delicious. Thick batter just FYI.

Classy paper plates because screw all those dishes.

Recipe here.

13 thoughts on “Easy Banana Bread Pancakes

  1. I did an analysis where I figured out how much it cost each month to wash our dishes (dishwasher, hot water, electricity, soap, all that stuff) versus buying paper and disposable everything It was cheaper by a couple of pennies to go the disposable route! Not a sustainable lifestyle though :-/

    1. I cannot imagine sitting down and trying to figure all of that out lol. I very rarely buy disposable because I like to try to be environmentally conscious but cooking several times a day for 3 people would have me spending all day cooking and cleaning. It also doesn’t help that we don’t have a dishwasher. (Our house was built in 1949 and had one owner who didn’t update much.)

  2. We have some almond flour that we’re trying to use up, so Nick made banana chocolate chip muffins this week. They’re quite good, though I have to say I hate the texture of the almond flour in a muffin. It’s like the consistency of quinoa or couscous. Originally, we used almond flour to bake a cake, but I think it also used regular flour, so the grainy thing wasn’t an issue.

    1. I’ve been curious about using a different type of flour but I just haven’t made the leap yet. I think if I did I would probably try oat flour. I have no reasoning why, other than it sounds like it might be good.

      1. I will say you eat anything with a good amount of almond flour, and you’re not hungry for a solid six hours. I was having problems with my break at work. I get 20 minutes during which I usually eat some Wheaties, but I wasn’t getting hungry when I’d eat the almond flour banana muffin for breakfast.

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