February’s ‘Meh’ Mini-Reviews

If you haven’t followed along from the beginning of the year, I decided not to waste my time on any reviews that didn’t excite me in one way or another. This is the first month however, that I put that to practice. I have a couple of things to say about those books, but just not enough to make it worth my time to do a full blown review.

3 out of 5 stars – I honestly feel bad for not liking this more since it’s from two authors whom I normally enjoy very much. There are a ton of poop, fart and sex jokes here. Which don’t get me wrong, I enjoy immaturity greatly. A fart will never NOT be funny. However, there just wasn’t enough investment in characters to make me care much what happened. To anyone. This was meant to be a satire about fantasy tropes, it is that. It just fell a bit flat and I will not be continuing the series.

3 out of 5 stars – This was so forgettable that I had to check my goodreads to remember which was my other ‘meh’ book of the month. It might even deserve less stars than I gave it. I’m not sure how you make a gunslinger in a weird west setting boring, but Harris achieved that here. There wasn’t much to like about the main character but the rest of the world building was kind of cool. Another series I will not be continuing.

Currently reading:

I’m not very far into this one yet and it took me a minute to feel like I was going to enjoy myself so we’ll see what happens with this one.

What did you read recently that you didn’t feel much one way or the other about?

17 thoughts on “February’s ‘Meh’ Mini-Reviews

  1. If you didn’t like An Easy Death then you definitely won’t like either of the sequels, at least you found out now before investing more time😁

    1. It is picking up. It might have just been my attention span when I first started. I don’t usually read so many kindle books in a row and I’m really craving the feel of a physical book. I’m still rereading White Fang at work so I get 10-15 minutes of it a few days a week. :3

  2. I was also meh on Easy Death. Maybe skip the sequel, I didn’t like it even as much. DNFed Kill the Farm Boy. Guess now I never have to go back to it. Thanks! As for how to make a gunslinger boring, have you read the Dark Tower?

  3. Oh, but Orconomics looks funny!! I’m not going to read it, but I was definitely giggling when I first saw the cover on Goodreads. Harris is so popular, and we get tons of books by her at the library, but I never hear patrons ask for the latest Harris book like I hear with other authors. It’s a weird mix.

    1. Yeah, I have to say that I don’t hear of too many Harris die-hards either. Of everyone I know that reads as a hobby, I don’t think anyone of them have mentioned her. (Other than when True Blood was the hot thing on HBO and everyone was picking up the books then.)
      Orconomics has picked up and I’m enjoying myself more. but, as of right now, it might make March’s ‘Meh” list. ._.

  4. There’s nothing worse than a book you want to enjoy but don’t, or one that has SO much potential. That’s how I felt about Night of the Mannequins, which I’ll eventually review. What a damn waste.

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