Snow Hounds

It’s been quite some time since the dogs had their very own post here on the blog and with the recent snow fall, they’ve been especially cute playing in the fluffy whiteness. So just sit back and enjoy a small photo gallery of my funny little snow hounds. ❤

I loving refer to Ozzy as the Snow King in the winter as he LUUUUUURRVVVEESSS the snow. Samus loves it for a minute, bounds through it like a deer and then is promptly ready to go back inside to the warmth. Ozzy must be convinced to come back in.

21 thoughts on “Snow Hounds

  1. Even my two cats have been “interested” in the snow, and by interested I mean Garnet will meow at the balcony door until we open it, at which point she will hide from the cold air blowing in until we close the door, and this repeats on a daily basis *headdesk* I think she likes the option of going outside, but the reality of it is nah. At least your boys are actually DOING something with the snow. Cid used to step out in it when he was younger so I’d get some cute little pawprints, but no longer :p

    1. Zelda (our cat) has tried to sneak out the door a couple of times this winter and I just asked her if she’d lost her damn mind. Lmao. She’d mew at me and run straight back in. 😛
      I’m happy she doesn’t meow daily for the door to open though haha!

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