Blood Heir (Aurelia Ryder #1) – Book Review

Publishing Date: January 12, 2021

Publishing Co.: NYLA

Pages: 359

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Eight years after the end of the Kate Daniels saga, we return to a much different Atlanta under the disguise of a stranger. Or least, that’s how it appears. Really the person with a different face, different voice, different scent, different name, is Julie, Kate’s adopted daughter. She gallops into town on her carnivorous horse, Tulip. A prophecy has been foretold of Kate’s death at the hands of a newly resurrected god and if Kate knows that Julie is in Atlanta, the future becomes more certain, Kate will die.

Julie has spent the last eight years becoming as powerful as she possibly can to protect those she loves and those who need it most. She has spent the last four of those eight years doing everything she can to change the results of the prophecy. This is her last chance. If she fails, the woman who saved her from the streets will perish from this world forever.

Trying to stop a god, in your hometown, without being noticed, has it’s problems. Not everyone can be fooled by her disguise no matter the precautions she takes, and those people threaten to blow her cover. The last person she needs to find out about her return home is the man she loved, but it’s harder than hell to hide things from a werewolf.

I am not disappointed. Kate Daniels left big shoes to fill and her predecessor jumped into both boots, ax swinging and power words on her lips. Where’s book two?

11 thoughts on “Blood Heir (Aurelia Ryder #1) – Book Review

  1. I’ve always wondered why “prophecies” like in this book are signposts of possibilities and not actualities. They should be called something else. Like warnings, but only in some old foreign language.

      1. I suspect it has to do with the “weight” of the word prophecy and everything it has come to represent over the millennia.
        But still, get a new word, Urban Fantasy!

    1. The origin story of the horse is in the Kate Daniels series I believe and I cannot 100% remember it. (This is why I should be one of those people who burns through entire series instead of skipping around.) But, she enjoys some horse food but wanders off for other food once in awhile, returning with blood on her chin that needs to be wiped away with a napkin lol.

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