Thanksgiving 2020

Just popping in to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving this week! Sure, it’s going to be a weird one but just make the best of it that you can. πŸ™‚

Mr. C&M had a successful deer hunt opening weekend. He brought down his first deer and he killed it instantly which is great. We had to buy a deep freezer which I’m excited about because now I can bulk buy things and go out to the stores less.

My science fiction reading is going well but I’ll detail that in an end of the month post.

I’ve been thinking about New Year’s resolutions for the blog already and I’m excited about them. In all fairness, they’re probably not that exciting but any change after this year seems big lol.

How do you plan to spend your Thanksgiving?

We’re doing a quiet day at home with good food, books and video games. So an average day in this household, but with more food. πŸ˜›

23 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2020

      1. Nice.
        I would LOVE to have chest freezer, but you know, being on the third floor in a condo, well, that is just not happening, hahahaa.

        Hope you get some good cuts from it.

  1. Woo! Happy early Thanksgiving! ❀
    I'm excited to hear more about these New Year’s resolutions for the blog! πŸ˜€ It's wild to think we're already at that point in the year to start thinking about resolutions again. On one hand it feels like this year has been an eternity of awfulness and on the other hand it feels like not too long ago that we were partying at Grace's NYE wedding/celebrating Christmas with eachother and enjoying gingerbread pancakes in the morning. πŸ˜›

  2. Mr. TSN went over to his sisters, but I stayed home. I just had a gut feeling plus all of the experts were recommending avoiding large gatherings. I made the pre-made stuff we bought from Wegmans as well as some leftovers the hubs brought home. I still have apple pie :p

    1. My dad was going to come down because we knew how seriously he takes this virus stuff however, he had a covid scare at work and the next day, my coworker tested positive. D: I tested negative the day we found out but I don’t trust that it’s not just the incubation stage. 😦
      I hope you still enjoyed your day!

      1. Ugh, I’m hoping you get a negative result. Shit is terrifying. Yep, people can test negative because it’s too early to know then they go around possibly infecting others then they test positive. My husband’s boss was around someone so she quarantined herself. They have to wear masks all day at work and they’re trying to round up laptops for them so they can work remotely. People think this shit will be better by Christmas, and they’re wrong.

      2. Christmas is going to be much the same as Thanksgiving, spent at home around your immediate household. I’m not even buying presents for anyone as I’m not expecting to see them.
        You’re 100% right about how people are spreading it. I’m sitting around today trying to schedule a grocery pick up because I don’t want to go in anywhere obviously. I feel fine so far but my coworker mostly feels fine, just gets tired easily.
        We recently acquired a food vacuum sealer and a deep freezer that my dad will bring down with the deer meat when we can see each other again. Then we’ll really be ready to just hunker down for the winter. =/

      3. I’m kind of doing a litmus test for Thanksgiving. Hopefully Mr. TSN won’t get sick (I don’t think he will). His family is pretty good with stuff especially since my SIL is pregnant. Omg same, if I’m not seeing someone, I don’t have to worry about a present lol. I might do cards this year especially since more people will be remote.

        We either do pick up or delivery for groceries now, and the hubs picks things up. I’m hoping once the federal administration changes we’ll see some progress with containing this. It’s fucking ridiculous how much fail there’s been.

      4. I ended up being unable to schedule a pick up from anywhere around me. I was forced to go to the store unfortunately. (Husband could go but he was exposed too so doesn’t matter which of us goes.) Thankfully, I went later in the evening and there was hardly anyone there. I felt guilty the entire time but we needed food in the house. We can’t afford to order out every meal. =/
        I would not want to have to give birth in these hospitals right now! D:

      5. Honestly, you’re not going out to party; you’re going out to get groceries, which are essential! Oh hell no, definitely not, and one of my BFFs just did in October and my other BFF is due in June. Hopefully it will be better than I’m cautiously optimistic about the vaccine.

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