Coffee & A Chat – Science Fiction Month

It’s a new glorious day folks. We spent last night having a very small going away party for a friend and celebrating the results of the election. So I come to you this morning, slightly hungover and slowly sipping this coffee. Oh, the wonders that are coffee. I was sick this last week (not covid, I was tested), and threw up coffee. It only put me off for one day. My love of coffee knows no bounds.

Okay well, I don’t see myself ever getting into coffee enemas, so I guess there are SOME bounds.

As many of you are already fully celebrating, November is Science Fiction Month. Usually, I hop on board another blog’s hosting of a sci-fi extravaganza, but not this year. I’m just not feeling the commitment this go-around. If you wish to join in those festivities however, check out Imyril’s blog. It is a great time.

I did decide to take on a sci-fi giant and since it’s a thicker book, I didn’t want to feel rushed reading to make blog content.

I’m already 344 pages in and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I look forward to a lazy Sunday and getting more of this in.

What are your plans for Sci-Fi Month?

13 thoughts on “Coffee & A Chat – Science Fiction Month

  1. Dune is an amazing book, but I can understand why some peoplestruggle with it! Although, I do enjoy reading sci-fi, my plans this month are to finish the Codex Alera series and if there is time, to start Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive.

      1. I initially read the Codex Alera series when it was first released, over a decade ago. Overall, I really enjoyed the series, as it has such an interesting premise. Interestingly the author, Jim Butcher, said that he had been challenged to wrtite a series using the Roman Empire and Pokemon as prompts and this book series is the result.
        If you like book series like A Song of Ice and Fire, with a large cast of characters all with their own agendas, but wished that those series weren’t as dark as they are, then I recommend giving the Codex Alera series a shot.

      2. This sounds like a solid recommendation! Roman Empire + Pokemon + GOT but less dark? Sign me up! I’m glad I picked up the first book even if I haven’t gotten around to it yet. 🙂

    1. That shirt is awesome! I recently bought a LPOTL shirt with UFO’s sucking up Henry, Ben and Marcus. 😀
      We’ll be watching the Mandalorian soon. We are waiting for all the episodes to finish airing so we can binge it.

  2. I always forget November is sci-fi month! I guess I can count watching The Mandalorian. Oh shit, I AM reading The Snow Queen which is sci-fi. Damn, now I want some coffee, but it’s kinda late and I would like to sleep tonight xD

  3. Glad you enjoyed Dune! It sounds good based off what you’ve told me about it. 😀 Enjoy the rest of Sci-Fi Month!
    And yayyy, coffee! I’m so pumped to finally officially join Team Coffee-at-Home. I would have made some at home yesterday but Biggby’s new winter lineup of drinks was calling my name and I got one of their white chocolate peppermint coffees with extra espresso. ❤

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