Second Week of October

Welcome back ghouls and ghosts to the next stop in the October train of fun! Spooky movies, tasty treats and autumn adventures were had!

2 out of 5 stars – This novel frequently comes up on horror story lists so I read a sample, it seemed like it might be something so I bought it. Ultimately, it was kind of a dud. It’s not bad but it’s not much to write home about. The ending made little sense. So all-in-all, I would avoid this one if you’re looking for a spooky read.

I also purchased Malice of Crows for $1.99 in ebook format.

Mr. C&M and I hit the movies hard this week and it’s been great:

We’re both huge Chucky fans and only sick curiosity and the fact it was free on Prime got us to watch this. That being said, it wasn’t the train wreck that we had expected. It’s an alright movie but it’s no original.

Somehow, in all my life, I’ve never heard of this movie. It’s 80’s horror perfection and I loved every second of it. Highly recommend.

Another classic 80’s horror movie that I had somehow missed. (This whole endeavor has made me realize that I may have to continue this horror movie extravaganza far past Halloween.) I also thoroughly enjoyed this one and would recommend it.

For all the years that I have been with Mr. C&M, he’s talked about an edition of this movie with Type O Negative music over-layed it. This year he finally tracked down a copy and purchased it. (Only later to find out that it was on YouTube for free. Doh!) Again, I had never seen this, original or Type O version. It was fun.

That can of pumpkin was nagging at me from the cupboard so before heading out to see a couple of people, I whipped up some pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting. It’s a recipe that never fails and you can find it here.

We ended the week with a nice hike through some local trails with a friend and his dog that are moving out of state soon. The day started off very cold but it warmed up while we were on the trails. It was a beautiful day and we hiked 2.5 miles. We thought this might actually wear Samus out but she took a nap and woke up ready to play again. :3

How has the last week treated you??

20 thoughts on “Second Week of October

  1. They made a reboot of Childs Play? Man, when will they start Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm St over again then?

    That’s just lazy! At least they could try for child’s play 15 or something, you know? 😀

    1. Awesome! I’m so glad you enjoyed them. 🙂 These are pretty easy cookie wise. The frosting is a little more work if you don’t have a mixing device of some sort. I hauled my stand mixer out for it and I’m glad that I did.

  2. I love Night of the Demons! (the remake though, is awful!!) I highly recommend its two sequels as well, not as good as the original, but the antagonist Angela is great in both. 🙂

  3. So many of the horror movies I’ve picked up lately are just terrible, so I’ve been going back to the ones I own. I used to see so many classics when there was still a Blockbuster, but now I get DVDs from the library and it’s slim pickin’ as they make way for every new DVD they purchase.

    I actually liked the new Chuckie movie. Not only is Mark Hamill a hoot, but I like how they gave a better reason for Chuckie to be evil than some sketchy voodoo.

  4. I have shamefully not watching anything spooky yet this month. Tomorrow is Mr. TSN’s birthday though and I have plans to make an Oktoberfest like dinner since we can’t go to the restaurant he wants. I’m trying to sit around drinking and eating candy in a costume on Halloween proper.

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