July 2020 in Books

And another and another and another….

Evening folks! I tried to make this post a few days ago but I apparently choose a time when WP decided it would not be working. This, of course, was after I had written the entire post and then could not save it for later. Good times!

I read ONE WHOLE book all of July!

I would like to pretend that it was a whopper to make myself feel better, HOWEVER, I’ve read much bigger so lying to myself doesn’t do me any good. :3

He he he.

4 out of 5 stars – Sentient spiders versus the last of humanity. Does one really need more of a description? If you’re looking for light and fluffy, feel good reads to help get you through current times, don’t read this. This is dark and makes you contemplate your own death numerous times. Or at least it did for me.

Books Purchased:

Hail to the Chin: Further Confessions of a B Movie Actor by Bruce Campbell – $1

Total spent: $1.06

August plans: In general, I’m looking to lay low and not do a whole lot. One of the girls at work is leaving and we haven’t hired a replacement yet. Plus, multiple other people are going on vacation so it’s looking to be QUITE busy at the pharmacy for the next month.

What are your plans for August??

21 thoughts on “July 2020 in Books

      1. That’s so funny that he has a follow-up book, yet his career is largely a movie trilogy he did back in the 80s. I know he’s done stuff since then, but still, lol.

    1. His first biography is called If Chins Could Kill, lmao. I still need to read the first book. Luckily, I bought it for my boss years ago for his birthday so I’m going to borrow it sometime soonish.

  1. Do you think you’ll read the sequel to Children?

    and man, that time when WP wasn’t working, sucked. I didn’t see a bunch of peoples’ posts in my feed and notifications were wonky. Don’t know if it was the same time as you, but it wasn’t fun.

    Hope August turns out ok!

  2. Oh dear, I don’t think I want to read a book that makes me contemplate my own death atm. but, I do have another book by this author coming up on my shelf – so fingers crossed for that one.
    Lynn πŸ˜€

  3. I wound up picking up House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas, first book in her Crescent City series. It was “free” as in I had enough points on my Amazon card to snag it. I’ve been grabbing cheap Kindles on my list whenever I find them. I wonder if the author of Children of Time is related to the composer haha. That’s ALL I can think when I see that name.

    1. I’ve gobbled up a lot of cheap ebooks since covid hit. I’m feeling the urge to buy some physical copies of other books but I’m trying to control myself. I still have plenty to read at home. :3

      1. Same. On Mondays I read samples I’ve downloaded and decide what to pick up. If a book is under $5 and I’m into it, I usually just grab it. My library is open again. They’re doing curbside pickup so I might need to utilize that again.

      2. My library is open now too but I still haven’t used it. I borrowed some books from my little cousin that I’ve finished 2 out of 3 and if I ever see my BFF again, I have several I plan to borrow from her. I MIGHT make it through August without buying any new books. :O

  4. The month in books, what a great idea! I really enjoyed Children of Time. Have you read the sequel? Also dark, but good.

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