Coffee & A Chat – Staycation

Good morning you beautiful sirens and stud muffins! What has me in such a good mood? I haven’t worked in a week!

As an essential employee (pharmacy), I only quarantined on my days off and on one of those days, I always had to grocery shop. Luckily, I haven’t gotten sick (yet anyway). But as time wore on, customers became less and less nice. At first, people thanked us left and right for working through this pandemic and then gradually, they got pissed off that they still couldn’t come inside. You see, in Michigan, as soon as the governor lifted the stay at home order, people thought that that meant the virus no longer exists. It’s been real fun.

That all brings us to ME, and how I told my boss that I HATE the general public and needed a vacation, even if I couldn’t go anywhere and he happily agreed. In fact, he said, “Why not take it sooner rather than later?” So I did. I have a great boss and in the entire 8.5 years I’ve worked for him, I’ve never once told him I hated the public. I think he took that very seriously.

So, what does a C&M do on a staycation? Well the intent was a whole hell of a lot more than I actually got done. We had a very nasty storm last week that brought down very large branches out of our ancient maple trees. That made a lot of the week doing clean up. Not so bad since it’s been fairly nice outside and the pups have loved the hell out of it.

One other major project happened. Two weeks ago today, our roommate moved out. Amicable and long overdue. So we turned his old bedroom into Mr. C&M’s new home office to work and game out of. Since he works at home, I can officially be inside now without worrying about making too much noise or the dogs barking in the background of his calls. πŸ˜€

The roommate chose this color, which I was fine with BUT he painted the damn ceiling!
That ceiling took THREE coats of paint WITH primer to cover up.

Why black and white? Because why the hell not? We’ve both wanted a black room since we were teenagers and were always told no by our parents. NOW WE OWN THE PLACE AND NO ONE CAN STOP US!

I’ve also been working on some wood projects that I’ll post in the future when they’re done. The toughest one being a Father’s Day present I’m working on. I’m a perfectionist but I don’t have the wood working stills to back it up yet and it’s frustrating the hell out of me.

What big projects have you accomplished recently?? It can be anything!

16 thoughts on “Coffee & A Chat – Staycation

  1. Who paints the ceiling the same color as the walls, I mean really? That is just SO gauche πŸ˜‰

    And I can believe it took 3 coats. When white goes over any darker color, man, that stuff shows through very easily. Glad you got it all done though.

    And you got a lot more done than I thought. I figured you were going to say you spent the whole time playing videogames and reading, hahahahaa! πŸ˜€

  2. So glad you’re having such a good (and much-needed) vacation! ❀
    The home office turned out great. Can't wait to see the woodworking projects! ^_^

  3. You know what, THANK YOU for all the hard work during the covid-19 and in general. People are shit and should always appreciate hard working people, especially those on the front line. I think I may have told you before but I worked in retail for a few years and a lot of the people were complete dick holes. I’m a patient guy but when you have a fat smelly builder screaming at you and calling you a CU*# I realised I’d had enough. I calmly told him that if he spoke to me like that again I’d remove him from the shop and from the face of the planet. He quietened down but I knew I was done and moved into on the road repping/sales. I’m a people person but on my terms. Now, as a gardener I visit people, they don’t visit me hehe and that’s just perfect for me. Anyway, rant over. Sounds like you’ve got a great boss there and he. obviously, knows he’s got a good employee with you. Enjoy the break oh and the room looks great but yes much better with a white ceiling, well done.

    1. Thanks! At first people were really great, sent us baked goods and food. Thanked us frequently. Were very pleasant in general. But of course after about a month, they’re bitching and complaining about pulling their vehicle up to the curb for CURBSIDE assistance. Like, you’re literally going to put it into drive in 1 minute anyway. Anywho, enough ranting lol. I go back tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it. I wish I had another week.
      Good for you standing up for yourself! Those dickheads are the kind of people who act so fucking tough but when someone nuts up to them, they have no idea what to do.
      I really love the room but man, I don’t want to paint anything for a long ass time lol. I did the kitchen at the start of quarantine. πŸ˜›

  4. One thing I’ve learned from this pandemic, is that individuals are usually pretty level headed, but as a collective, the general public has the attention span of a goldfish πŸ˜› Thank you for working through the chaos and providing essential services! Hope you enjoyed your well deserved break πŸ˜€

  5. I’ve heard it’s pretty rough in Michigan (as I’ve mentioned, I live in Indiana but am from Michigan). Even my own dad has decided the pandemic doesn’t really matter anymore and is planning a big drunk weekend with his friends up by Mackinac. *SIGH* In Indiana, people are pretty good about things, though they do seem to have trouble getting the mask OVER the nose. I work at a library, and patrons have been great. If they get to close, I point to a spot on the floor and tell them where to stand, or I ask them to wait in a certain place, or I tell them please pull your mask up. I think because we didn’t shut down as long, people are more willing to play ball and keep things good. We aren’t one of those states that are spiking in cases, so I have my fingers crossed.

    1. Good for Indiana! Michigan should take a lesson from you guys. My dad lives in northern Michigan and as soon as the stay at home was lifted, a ton of people from the lower portion of the state came right up. *sigh*
      We haven’t opened our doors back up at the pharmacy yet but we’re planning to be much the way you are describing. And if people can’t follow the rules, they can stay in their cars and do curbside assistance again.

  6. Ah C&M, you have my sympathies… it’s that wonderful moment when you realise in a very visceral way just how thoughtless people can actually be. You did make me literally Lol with your black room though – I always wanted one but was never allowed… Still not allowed, because my wife is clearly not as cool as you guys are! πŸ˜‚

  7. Absolutely love the idea of a black room too. I think for gaming it’s brilliant. Toss in neon lights and you’re immediately transported to a whole new cyberpunk era! πŸ˜›

    I can definitely sympathize with the problems you have with the general public. Some peepz really need to wake up and realize that we’re far from done with this epidemic and should continue to thank people like you for continuously giving without necessarily getting anything but everyone’s relative happiness! πŸ˜‰

    Hope you get to rest as much as you can throughout your vacation. πŸ™‚

    1. The room actually looks great on when my husband is streaming too. I’m so happy we did it.

      Yes, people have made this entire pandemic worse than it is on it’s own by being stupid. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that we won’t be doing many fun things until probably next year. But, I guess that let’s us focus on the house for awhile.

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