May 2020 in Books

Books and coffee, the two things keeping the world go round.

I had the fabulous idea that I would post all the books that I’ve read since I took my little hiatus and… was quite a few more than I thought. I’m a lazy book reader now guys. This is the new program. So, I’ll just post what I’ve read throughout May. 😀

5 out of 5 stars. The Witcher series is proving to be a slow burner. The plot line creeps along but there is so much character development and political intrigue that you hardly notice until you’re finished.

3 out of 5 stars. This was enjoyable and the main character was the polar opposite of Jorg in the Broken Empire series this is an off shoot of. Call me crazy, but I preferred the dark anti-hero Jorg. I’m sure I’ll continue the series at some point, but I’m not rushing to the next book.

5 out of 5 stars. I am an Ilona Andrews addict and this new series just hits all the buttons for me. It’s an incredible world that has been built with commanding characters and adrenaline fueled adventures.

One of my bookish goals for 2020 was to purchase as few books as possible and work on my current collection. Well, Covid made that hard as hell. I can’t borrow physical books from the library OR my best friend. All things considered, I’ve only spent actual money on one book since this all happened. Otherwise my husband bought it for me or I used my Amazon giftcard.

Books purchased May 2020:

Gideon the Ninth by Tamara Muir $2.99

Sapphire Flames by Ilona Andrews $2.99

The Innkeeper Chronicles Volume One by Ilona Andrews $0.99

Total Spent: $6.97

Not too shabby if I say so myself. 😀

How have you guys been keeping from going Covid crazy???

21 thoughts on “May 2020 in Books

  1. Nice job on keeping the spending down.

    Our lives haven’t really changed to be honest, except for not going to church live. That was probably the biggest thing for us too. We both work at essential businesses so we kept on working. We’re both introverts so we don’t do a lot of socializing in real life, so yeah, not much of a change. Which we’re thankful for, as we’ve heard some pretty stuff stories from others.

    1. We tried to be house hermits but we used to get people begging us to come do things every weekend, and we’d usually give in. So it’s night getting some of our smaller house projects done and we’re saving a lot of money by not going out to eat every weekend.
      At the beginning of the year, I told my husband we needed to do less and not go on a big vacation so we could pay down credit cards, but I didn’t mean slow down this much. :3

      I’m glad it hasn’t been a rough transition for you guys though!

  2. I like the monthly book update! 😀
    Whenever one of us feels like starting Gideon the Ninth, we should totally make it a buddy read! ❤
    Coffee sounds soooo good right now. I'm well stocked on energy drinks, but am definitely lacking in the coffee department. D:

    1. We totally should! I’ve read 3 books in a row on the Kindle recently so I’m going to take a break for at least one book, but we’ll figure out a time SOON to do that. 😀
      I would say, “GO GET YOU SOME COFFEE!” but I wouldn’t want to go out if I didn’t have to either. I MUST have coffee in my house though. lol.

  3. I’m determined to start the Witcher books one of these days. I hope your library opens soon, I think ours open today but only for curbside pick up.

    1. I would recommend reading the Jorg series first, there are tie-ins to this story line but if you really didn’t want to, you could get by without reading them.
      I was getting the itch this morning to buy the next Witcher book but I got myself under control… least for the moment. 😛

  4. My library went and bought all those Witcher books after the show came out on Netflix. I tried to watch the show, and hoo-boy. I just couldn’t even with that acting. It also felt like each episode could have been half an hour, not an hour.

    When I was in quarantine, I put together a lot of puzzles at I went for a walk with a stick pretty frequently. I made peace with my fear of birds.

    1. Making peace with your fear of birds was very productive!
      I didn’t have an issue with the acting in the show, I very much enjoyed it in general, however the time jumps were confusing until the end of the season. To be fair about that, that is a lot like the short story novels in the series.

  5. I’m having the same library problems. I took out a book in December or January, and it’s not due until July because that’s when the library is opening again (I guess). I’m hoping they’ll start up their interlibrary loan system again because I can’t put anything on hold online right now. I, uh, have bought 16 books so far this year and spent way more money than I want to admit haha. One of the books is kind of a textbook though so it’s what drove my spending up. This not being able to borrow books is bullshit though. My state is going into the green in July I think? But I’m looking at how cases are going up because the country opened early, and it’s like d’uh. The rona doesn’t go away just because people got bored.

    1. In Michigan, as soon as they lifted the stay at home order, people started acting like the virus just didn’t exist anymore. >:I
      I did recently visit my little cousin so I finally got to borrow books from SOMEBODY lmao.
      I’ve spent more than I intended to so soon but it hasn’t really been much thanks to a $20 amazon gift card OR my husband just deciding to buy the next book in the Witcher series every time I finished one lol. I finally told him to stop, I wanted to read something else. 😛

      1. I’m so angry about this. We got a notice that the pool in my complex is opening, and all I could think was, “Mmm Corona Soup!” They’re limiting it to 25 people, but still. Then my in-laws are having a get together for Father’s Day and my MIL was asking if I’d be there. Um no. One, Mr. TSN doesn’t even want to be there long. He even had to explain to his dad in boomer terms why he always wears a mask when he goes over. I’m just tired of people thinking this is a hoax or what ever other bullshit.

        Look if your hubs decides to buy books you have no control over that! If he decides to buy a book that, oh say, you want to read, you can’t control that either :p

      2. My uncle lives in Naples, FL and just found out yesterday that his coworker tested positive and they sit around without their masks on talking to each other. He’s freaking out of course and I want be like, “Bet ya wish you’d been more serious about it now!”
        I’m glad that your husband is like, you’re my dad but hi, peace out! lol. On SO many levels, it’s just not worth the risk. Does it suck doing nothing and going nowhere? Sure does, but hopefully I’ll live to see another year. =/
        I never usually argue about Mr. C&M buying me books, but then he expects me to read them immediately lol. So I had to put my foot down, at least for a few months and then I’ll guilt him into buying me the next book. 😛

      3. Florida is a goddamn mess and it makes me so angry. I have friends who live there who work in retail, and of course they’re exposed and vulnerable because people are assholes.

        God, I suck at reading things in any decent amount of time. I just want to collect them so I have them to read lol.

      4. Wtf…Oh! I also heard that there are some pharmacists at CVS or something not wearing their masks right, and I’m like wut? If this is try then then should know better! I wouldn’t be surprised if this was in Florida, too…

      5. Probably Florida lmao. My coworker is going to Florida for vacation next week………Boss told her she can’t come back to work until she gets tested and gets the results.

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