Salad & A Chat – Look Who’s Back

Yes, you read that right.SALAD and a chat. Because it is the evening and I can’t have caffeine after 5 pm or I don’t sleep at night.

Secret things that happen over my shoulder when she thinks I’m not looking.

I’m not 100% sure that I’m out of my blogging/reading funk but I’m here anyway! My little cousin made it through his surgery great and is home resting, but that was an intense 4 days. I took time off of work since I have a ton of vacation hours and no vacations planned, so that I could help my aunt and uncle as needed. I tried to make sure they ate and tried to get some sleep and didn’t burn themselves out.

On top of all that, there was a job change for Mr. C&M that was/is a bit stressful so all-in-all, it was probably a good thing that I took some time away.

This also means that I have a few things to post from my backlog. I’ll be reviewing the book that I did not finish, still debating reviewing The Chamber of Secrets and a baking recipe.

I bought two books in February: Master Assassins and The Kingdom of Copper. They were $1.99 each on the Kindle. Did I just ruin my New Year’s Resolution? NOPE. I have a $20 Amazon gift card that I’m working off of, so technically, I’ve still spent $0 of my own money on new books. ^.^

In review, hopefully March is a much better month.

I’ve been trying to catch up on everyone’s blogs, but going days at a time between logins makes that very difficult. If I’ve missed anything of yours that you think I would be interested in, please feel free to link it in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Salad & A Chat – Look Who’s Back

  1. Glad to see you back. I have to admit, I was expecting you to be gone for a full month, so this is good.

    I can drink caffeine late and still sleep, but I have very “busy” dreams and don’t feel rested, so I don’t drink it after 4 or 5pm myself.

    Hopefully March is better for you. Spring is coming, right?

    If you want to catch up, my roundup post has all the highlights. Otherwise, I’d just let the past slide and start with what is current (for everyone). I suspect you follow enough people who constantly blog, so playing catchup would be stress inducing, which is just what you don’t need 🙂

    1. I did consider another week but with the husband’s schedule change, I find myself alone more often and need things to keep me busy so I don’t go stir crazy lol.

      It’s beginning to look and feel like Spring here and I AM READY.

      I will definitely check out your round up when I next log on!

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