Terraform Me a New Ear Drum

Sorry for a lack of updates folks but this little blogger caught herself a nasty upper respiratory infection that caused her ear drum to rupture. So whenever I am not at work, I’m wandering around my house responding with a “HUH?!?!” to everything my husband says OR sleeping. I’ve slept SO much but it really does help.

I knew I was coming down with something when we left for our trip north a week and a half ago. I did not foresee becoming THIS sick. I was trucking along fine until my ear drum ruptured and then I was just down for the count.

Samus has done her best to help me recoup. Maximum snuggles while reading or sleeping.

As you can see, I’ve been working my way along Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson. It appears to be equal parts slightly boring and absolutely fascinating. I’m fairly certain it’s the terraforming the planet that is keeping me going. The characters are okay but the transformation to make the planet habitable for humans is the best part. It’s long though, highly detailed, so it will take me probably to the end of the month to finish it.

Alas, we’re heading back north this week for Thanksgiving. Every year we rotate where we spend Thanksgiving and it hasn’t been at my dad’s house in quite some time. So expect another small hiatus from me.

Speaking of my dad AND science fiction month, I guess it never really registered until I made the list of movies and TV shows but my dad has been my greatest influence into science fiction. It’s funny the things you never realize until it is very obviously pointed out in random fashion.

Who influenced YOUR love for science fiction??

21 thoughts on “Terraform Me a New Ear Drum

  1. Oooph, ruptured ear drums. I’m guessing they eventually heal up? I sure hope so! But how did an infection lead to ruptured ear drums?

    Good luck with more travels and feeling the way you do, you’re gonna need it!

    I don’t really know if anyone was an influence on me in regards to SF growing up. I think I found the covers interesting at the library and realized I enjoyed the genre and never looked back?

    1. As the doctor explained it to me, because I asked the exact same question, there was literally so much pressure and congestion in my head that it was looking for a route out. So ear drum it was I guess. Awful pain. The doctor said it will take several weeks to heal. It doesn’t hurt anymore, right now my hearing is just extremely muffled.

      As long as you found a way to it, that’s all that matters!

      1. I know just how you feel – I often look at gaming periods, genres, novel series etc and think I haven’t got enough headspace for another fandom. Catching up almost 50 to 60 years of Dr Who would be overwhelming. That’s just what was around when I was a child …

  2. Oh no, that sounds painful! I hope the healing process doesn’t take too long – and that you’ve had a good trip up north in spite of it.

    Your description of Red Mars matches my vague memory of reading it – but while I think I finished the trilogy and I know I went on to read a bunch of his other books – and I don’t remember _any_ of them. Um. Oops?

    1. It is slowly getting better! It really hurt when it ruptured but since then it’s just been deaf lol.

      I didn’t finish Red Mars yet, didn’t have any reading time up north. I think I’ll finish it but I’m not sure that it’s going to be a series that I continue. (Especially if there isn’t anything memorable!)

  3. I think my sci-fi love started when i watched Krull with my grandpa. He even recorded it on vcr for me, and i watched it to death. I guess he got bored of me just drooling over that one thing, cuz he then showed me this book called The Ring (Daniel Keyes Moran) and some other stuff written by hungarian authors. I was sold after that for sure.

  4. Holy shit that can happen?? I hope it heals or even CAN heal. It sounds painful and annoying.

    Hm, well I didn’t even realize I was a sci-fi fan until like maybe my late 20’s? I was always into fantasy, so much so that I didn’t even play my favorite game/thing of all time Final Fantasy VII for like a year because I thought it was too sci-fi haha what a dumbass I was. Arguably it was Star Trek: TNG that got me into sci-fi because even when I was sure I wasn’t into the genre, I always loved me some TNG. Now I’m catching up on reading Asimov, Bradbury, and Clarke while also delving into more current science fiction like The Expanse.

    1. I didn’t know that could happen either until it did! It can heal, it just takes a couple of weeks and you have to keep water from getting into it. It almost fully healed now. I’m at least not deaf anymore but it still does some odd crackling now and again.

      I want to watch the Expanse so bad but I need to get further in the book series first, as I’ve heard there are some spoilers in the first season.

      1. Same! I’ve only read the first book of The Expanse, and I don’t want to run into a spoiler. I think they threw some stuff from the second book into the first season, so I should probably at least read the second book.

        Whew, I’m glad your ear healed. I guess if it’s only a small perforation it can heal.

      2. Yeah, my dad freaked a little bit. He thought I was going to need surgery or something to fix it. Nope just be deaf for a week plus, and go through the annoying ritual of putting a cotton ball covered in vaseline in your ear before every shower.

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