October Week 4.5: Candy and Snow

There was no time this past weekend to do a post reviewing the week before. So this week I present to you; October Week 4.5. One and a half weeks of October fun.

The reason there was no time this past weekend was first because we attended our friend’s awesome A Very Harry Halloween Party. Harry Potter themed of course. She went into amazing detail with everything including (finally) receiving our Hogwarts acceptance letters. I was Moaning Myrtle and Mr. C&M was Lucius Malfoy.

Second, we traveled to Cleveland for a concert (Hammerfall and Sabaton) and explored the breweries of the city.

Trick-or-treating last night was cold, rainy and eventually turned to light snow. Kids these days don’t tough it out like we used to. I believe our motto was wind, rain or snow, trick-or-treating we will go. We saw about 14 kids the whole two hours. In fact, we had 3/4 of our second tub full of candy at 8 minutes left until the end. So, the last two kids got a crap-ton of candy dumped in their bags to which they replied, “OMG you guys are the best!”


A friend told me that this was their guilty pleasure tv show. Since I was looking for something new to watch on my own, I gave it a try and enjoyed it more than I expected. Lucifer is bored of Hell and decides to take a vacation on the mortal coil. Needless to say, he causes a lot of ruckus.


I finished my spooky reading for the season!


Locke & Key


We ate a lot of great food in Cleveland, though none of it was autumn related.

We also ate a decent amount of candy while handing it out last night. šŸ˜›

I hope everyone else had an amazing October and Halloween season! What was your favorite part?

11 thoughts on “October Week 4.5: Candy and Snow

  1. I couldn’t believe the snow last night. It surely got cold quick this year. Sounds like you had a good week. Hope you enjoy Lucifer! It’s been recommended to me too, but we haven’t seen it yet. ā™„ļø

  2. Had no trick or treaters at all this year. There has been fewer and fewer as the years have gone by due to changing demographics where I live… Shame as I had sweets/ candy for them and was dressed up.



      1. Just the decline I mentioned really. Most of the young families have moved out of the area now. Lots of students and short term leases now.



  3. I wasn’t in a partying mood this year, but I enjoyed eating all the leftover candy people at work dumped in the kitchen area this morning šŸ™‚

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