Coffee & A Chat – Meh Town

This week has been meh piled on top of a plethora of MEH. Right down to the very book I’m reading, (The Left Hand of Darkness), being pretty blah and I don’t know how much longer I might hang in there to see what happens. It might be slated to end up a lunch-at-work-reading book in order to actually finish it. I can see it now, it will be unpopular-opinion-of-a-classic-book time.

I’m pretty much just waiting for the weekend and my BFF to get here. August’s book club meeting is Saturday where we’ll have a potluck and discuss Girls Burn Brighter. Then, Ms. Moth and I will hopefully scurry off to see a movie together.

While Mr. C&M has been getting better, he’s also had some set backs. Healing is a process. An incredibly annoying one, but a process nonetheless. We’ve had to cancel some plans we’ve had for a long time which is a major bummer, but there is still plenty coming up in the next two months.

The one enjoyable thing this week has been binge watching the new season of Mindhunter. If you like true crime, and are fascinated by serial killers, this show is great and I highly recommend checking it out.

Has something really cool happened to you recently? If so, tell me! Let me live vicariously through you!

13 thoughts on “Coffee & A Chat – Meh Town

  1. Well… I tutored a dozen students on the art of war and magic, fought off monsters left and right, stopped an evil empire from rising and, married a green eye diva swords-woman named Dorothea… oh wait, that wasn’t me, that was my video-game character ‘Antiope’ in Fire Emblem: Three Houses!!

  2. Well, hate to say it but Left Hand isn’t going to do a thing for a reading slump. I don’t think I even recorded that I read it back in 2000 or 2002. I was bored with it.

    Hope things pick up soon. Too much blah’ness is bad for the soul…

    1. I’m beginning to get that feeling. I think it’s going to officially stay at work so I don’t have to bother bringing a book back and forth. It’s fairly short so I do want to finish it. But so far, I’m not understanding the hype.

      1. It was groundbreaking at the time with the whole gender thing. Other than that, I don’t believe it has legs to stand on.

        And even with that, I STILL don’t think it has legs to stand on 🙂

  3. I’ve been binge watching Mindhunter too and it’s been the only highlight in my bad week too, so you’re not alone in having a meh one 😂 I also didn’t like The Left Hand of Darkness either. I was never a sci-fi/fantasy reader in the first place but it was just particularly uninteresting. Hope your weekend gets better at least!

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