ARCs & Guilt

Amazingly, I am really good at controlling myself on Netgalley. I request one to two books every couple of months and I always try to read and review them before their release date as that helps the author sell. Being such, I’ve felt a bit of guilt lately. The last ARC I read, I didn’t review until after the release date by a couple of days. This guilt is all self-imposed, Netgalley doesn’t really require that you do reviews one way or another. At most, sometimes the publisher requests that you wait until two weeks before the release date to post your review.

So, the one that is laying on the guilt for me is :

I was SO excited to start this late last week and then I realized it releases today, the second. AND it’s 800 pages.

Now I love a fat fucking book but man, did that take the wind right out of my sails.

I still plan to start it here soon but it’s going to take me some time to get through, no where near it’s release date. But I love this author, so I think it’s making the guilt worse.

Now I’m left wondering, how the fuck do all these book reviewers who receive a metric fuck ton of ARCs manage to get through them all?

I want to know their secrets, I also want to know if they have any sanity left.

Now I’m just kind of grumpy and not reading anything. D:

13 thoughts on “ARCs & Guilt

  1. I can tell you their secret:
    They don’t.

    Seriously. If you listen to hardcore netgalley users, they’re always talking about their NG percentages and a lot of them seem to be happy if they’re over 75%. I’ve also seen a lot of 40%’ers. So that means a lot of people read the books and then never do anything about it.

    So don’t feel guilty. I, Pope Bookstooge XXIV absolve thee. Domini omini oh.

    You can tell I can do this because I have an invisible Pope Hat on 😀

  2. I wonder about it too. I usually have about 4 ARCs scheduled to be reviewed per month and that’s basically the max limit for me. I keep a simple schedule with pub dates just so I can visualize what needs to go up when and that’s about the best I can do. I have no idea how the people who review tons of them do it…maybe they’re not reading older books/their own collections? But you definitely shouldn’t feel guilty about it. they know that not everyone they give copies to is going to review, and lots of them leave the books up on Netgalley for even up to a few months after the pub date, so I get the impression they’re not too upset by reviews that don’t come punctually by that date! You shouldn’t worry, really 😉

    Ps I love the cover of that book!

    1. Thanks! That did make me feel better. You guys are really good at this lol. That makes sense now that I think about it that way. I do see the books available on Netgalley for a long time.

      1. I’m glad I could help make you feel better 🙂 It’s just about finding the way it works best for you. I messed up with Netgalley in the beginning by over-requesting so I’ve learned my lesson and try to be organized about it now!

  3. I’m right there with you, lots of guilt and always behind. (I’m going to make a t shirt with that phrase🤣) And I knew Wanderers was 800 pages and I wanted to start it two weeks ago, but just couldn’t swing it. Maybe we’ll be reading it at the same time! My person rule of thumb is to post a review the MONTH a book comes out. And that’s still not always doable.

    1. That’s a pretty good rule of thumb, maybe I’ll have to steal it. 😉 I did start (a whole 1%) Wanderers yesterday, but I’m just not going to rush to get it done. I’ve got another, shorter book that I’d like to read at the same time.

  4. In all fairness you’ve had a LOT on your plate lately, so I wouldn’t sweat it. ❤ I'm sure your review when you do read it will be amazing, so no worries! 😀
    Also, that seal meme is ADORABLE. ^_^

    1. Thanks love! I feel better about it now. I’ve started it but I’m not rushing through it. It has my attention so far. LOTS of pop culture references, but I’m not sure if it would work without them.

  5. Good question… i don’t know how they do it. Or whether they are actually doing it at all 😀 It can become pretty much an endless cycle.
    I haven’t been on NG since March, and i’m not planning to go back anytime soon. Still haven’t read some of the books i was approved for back then, they came out ages ago, but i’m just not feelin’ it. :/ I don’t even feel bad about it anymore…

  6. I would love to do ARCs but yeaaaaaah, I’d feel so incredibly guilty to not read them ASAP. As for sanity wtf is that? Every now and then I’ll do a beta swap with another writer, but it’s usually chapter by chapter which makes it more manageable.

    1. I finally finished Wanderers a month later and now I think I’m going to cool it for the rest of the year unless it’s something I MUST read. Chapter by chapter seems pretty manageable!

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