Wood Project #2

Pinterest really is a black hole of ideas. If only I had more time, I would be a DIY machine when it comes to wood projects. But alas, on top of work, I’m currently trying to nurse a sick husband back to health, so time is not on my side.

This was a fairly easy project that involves candle votives, hot glue and lots and lots of sticks. Luckily, our yard is incredibly giving in the stick department. I have to do some final glue touch ups before I can give these as a birthday present to my aunt but I really liked how they turned out.

What do you think? Cute or ridiculous?

14 thoughts on “Wood Project #2

  1. A SICK HUSBAND?!?!?!

    And you’re playing with sticks? My goodness, sick husbanditis is something I take very seriously! Please tell your hubby to hang in there and all of us mans here on the blogosphere are praying he makes it. I salute him.

    Yeah, it’s been that kind of day 😀

    1. Ahahaha, I’ll make sure he knows. 😛 He has another doctor appointment today and hopefully we’ll get some real answers. No more playing with sticks, at least at this exact moment. 😉

  2. Lack of time for hobbies is a real bitch, so it’s awesome to see you getting some DIY crafting time in! 😀 These turned out so cute. Well done! ❤

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