Birthday Book Haul – Year 32

Year 32 might seem like an odd addition to the title BUT I get some kind of birthday book haul every year, so for post purposes, we’ve got to distinguish the little guys.

My birthday shenanigans are officially over. It was quite the celebration this past weekend though. Ignited Moth came to visit for both book club and my birthday. (Don’t fret, I already told her she needs to get back to posting. 😛 )

If there is one thing we love besides books, it’s margaritas. We went out to the little mexican restaurant in town that we know has good ones only to find out that they now do MARGARITA FLIGHTS.

That pink one is prickly pear and it is life.

As per usual, Ms. Moth is the gift master supreme. Seriously, trying to out gift her is hard. Here is a peek at just a couple of the things she gave me:

Instant new favorite coffee mug.

We also HAD to adventure to the used bookstore in town. They have both books and cute cats that follow you around begging for pets.

Once I found one that I wanted, I just kept finding more.

It was a fantastic weekend. ❤

Have you read any of these books? On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love margaritas?

22 thoughts on “Birthday Book Haul – Year 32

  1. Excellent haul and glad you had a good birthday. Tell Miss Moth from me that her and I are no longer blogger buddies because, well, she doesn’t blog. Haha. Nah pass on my hellos and tell her to get back to blogging dammit. Have you had frozen margaritas before? I went to a bar once in Melbourne that was actually made of ice and drank all types of frozen alcoholic drinks. Woke up in a place that wasn’t mine but no one else was in the bed haha. I just quietly left. There didn’t seem to be anyone in the house.

    1. Haha, omg. I would be horrified if that happened to me, but damn does it make for a good story! I have had a frozen margarita and I really like them but it seems like people have an even harder time making a proper frozen margarita than they do a classic. (I’ve become a margarita snob.) I will tell Ms Moth that she’s to get back ASAP lol.

  2. Happy belated birthday!!! My heart skipped a beat at margarita flights…what a dream.

    Your friend gives amazing gifts, I love that Poe cup! and I’ll Be Gone in the Dark was fantastic.

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