Last Podcast on the Left Live

After about a year of exploring podcasts, there has been a clear winner, at least for me.

Last Podcast on the Left covers all the bases. Serial killers, true crime, UFOs, paranormal and cryptozoology. They mix facts with humor, sometimes making the very dark subject matter more easy to digest. They’ve become a household name….in this house. My husband has listened to every single episode as I’ve been slowing working through everything new they put out and catching up on the old stuff too.

So when they announced a live tour, with the nearest stop to Michigan being Cleveland, we bought tickets immediately. It was worth every penny and we’ll go see them anytime they come that close. It was my first comedy show and I laughed a LOT. (This is important as every time I’ve watched a comedian do stand up on TV, I maybe laugh out loud once….if they’re good.)

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, this podcast probably isn’t for everyone. If you don’t like swearing and dark subjects, stay away. Some people have accused them of being into murder porn because they really hit the details in every case, but as they’ve recently pointed out, thanks to the new Bundy tapes documentary on Netflix, the reason why they do is to show just what horrific monsters these people are/were. You may think, they’re serial killers of course they’re terrible, who would think otherwise? The answer: too many fucking people. For example, Netflix had to come out and tell people to stop romanticizing Ted Bundy (something that was an issue during his actual trial as well), but this was partially their fault. No where in the entire documentary did they say anything about his murders other than he committed them. They didn’t mention the rape, or the necrophilia. So I digress back to Last Podcast, they’re going to give you every single detail so you know exactly what kind of monster you’re hearing about.

The live show was much more light-hearted and fun. They talked about murder conspiracies, UFOs, and cryptids. The tour will run across the globe for most of the year and then they’ll probably do a recording available to purchase at the end of the year (like they did this past December) and next year, a new tour with new subjects.

If this all sounds up your alley, I highly recommend giving them a try.

Intense banter.

Henry gets his Mufon on to talk UFO sightings.

15 thoughts on “Last Podcast on the Left Live

  1. That’s so cool you got to see them! I’ve only gotten into Last Podcast in the last year but I absolutely love them. I had tried to listening to it earlier and I hadn’t quite got the hang of their humor and style yet. Maybe it was just the wrong episode or two to start with and I wasn’t in the right mood. Now I look forward to their new episodes so much. The show sounds like it was a blast!

    1. It took a minute for me to get into them as well. I’m still working through their giant backlog of stuff. They were so freaking funny live, I recommend seeing them if they come near you. (Their VIP ticket prices are a bit crazy, $150, so we just bought regular tickets which were $40.)

      1. I’m still working on listening to their backlog too, but I love always having something to look forward to of theirs! I would love to see them, the $40 one definitely sounds decent. I can only imagine how much hilarious they are.

      1. It was always music while working for me. Nothing better than digging a hole in the ground to Digging the grave (Faith no more) haha. Now though I’m loving audiobooks (as long as they’re free) and podcasts. My best mate Warren and I are thinking of doing a joint podcast. It’d just be general chatting about any number of things from raising kids to getting getting high and drawing strange octopus monsters in our youth. Thoughts?

      1. So, i just listened to the first episode i found. (Basically the last one they have up)… it’s freakin’ hilarious 😀 Thanks for the recommendation!

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