Sweet Dreams Are Made of Tornadoes

Let me preface this dream with the fact we had the tornado sirens go off last night and had to take cover.

In this edition of Bizarro Dreams, the tornado strikes my work by surprise. My coworker and I are almost sucked out of the doorway. Each of us runs into and takes cover in a different shop in the plaza. After the tornado passes, I run home (my house is right behind the store which is not accurate) and my house has been completely ripped apart and there are books and baking supplies scattered every where. I fight off people trying to take my books, all while trying to reach someone in my family to come help. Samus has been injured and needs a little first aid. We try to take cover in the one room in the house that still has walls with what we have recovered. I cannot reach anyone via phone.

When nothing else works, we walk off in search of help only to end up being hunted by pink alligators.

Thanks again brain.


9 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams Are Made of Tornadoes

  1. I also had a dream with tornados – not recently, couple of years ago. They were literally outside the front of my house and I was incredibly scared but also calm – in that I was just fascinated about looking at them – rather than getting the hell out of there. Dreams are just so messed up! Mine anyway.
    Lynn 😀

    1. In Michigan, people don’t trust meteorologists very much (they’re wrong a lot) or the sirens for that matter, so everyone goes outside and looks at the sky to see if there really is a tornado. It’s ridiculous but true. And we’re pretty calm right up until we see/hear it.

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