Mud & Bleach

Woooooo! I did not mean to take a little mini blog vacation there. I’m still slowly chugging along on The Indifferent Stars Above and need to review my reread of Harry Potter BUT my dad is coming to town. Which means, lots of cleaning. That makes my house sound like a filthy mess but I assure you that’s not the case. Parents just have a way of finding that ONE thing you missed and pointing it out. I don’t think my dad does it on purpose, it’s almost always when discussing ways to renovate the house that something I missed pops up and frankly, I like a clean house when any guest comes to town. I like them to feel comfortable, at home and well fed, all thanks to my grandmother. She set the bar for hosting people and it is high.

As usual, it also coincides with a warm front making the yard a hot mess. Mud, mud everywhere. Especially on puppy paws every time they go out to do their business. So I clean, and I clean up again and curse the yard, several times a day.

I’m also willing to bet that my dad shows up sooner than expected. He gets excited and then shows up hours to days before planned.

Dear god, I heard this one far too often.

Anywho, I should be back to my regularly scheduled activity soon but I’m going to soak up the father/daughter time because I don’t get enough of it with him living almost 4 hours away.

15 thoughts on “Mud & Bleach

  1. Dads are the first men daughters fall in love with so itโ€™s no wonder you want him to approve but let me tell you a little secret, daughters can do no wrong in our eyes ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

    1. Haha, thanks! That’s good to know. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I don’t he really cares about it, it’s me that it bugs. So far, so good though! But he might not be mentioning it because I’m baking him cookies and made him dinner lol. I’m only online because he crashed early and I can’t sleep yet.

      1. Iโ€™ve never slept with a dog although there were a couple of ummm…….. Iโ€™ll stop there haha.

        My wife and I like naps but rarely take them together because yeah kids and life etc but occasionally weโ€™ll nod off in our armchairs while watching a movie haha.

      2. It is both extra warm but another person to kick you in their sleep lol. After Ozzy, I don’t know if we’ll let another dog sleep in bed. It’s too much some nights even with a king-sized bed. We don’t let Samus in bed because she sleeps directly on top of me. D:

  2. It’s kinda annoying when my parents come visit because I have to clean like a mad woman, haha. Luckily they always give me a week’s notice, and I do enjoy seeing them. Hope everything went well!

  3. It’s freaking adorable that he gets excited and shows up days before planned lol. I mean yeah that fucks up your cleaning plans, but there’s something super cute about that generation getting excited (even though I can complain them with the best of them, too lol).

    1. It is freaking adorable and only mildly irritating. (It’s really hard to stay annoyed with anyone who’s so excited to see you.) He’s a great dad so if my only complaint is he shows up early, I’ve got it damn good. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Right?? Even though I don’t really get excited about stuff, I’m not that type of asshole who shits on someone else’s parade. Excitement and genuine joy is really lacking on this ball of dirt, so if someone feels that about YOU, you cherish that shit. It’s one of the many reasons dogs are amazing.

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