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After a year of shenanigans on Instagram. I’ve had some fun and learned some things. One of which is that, if you’re a bookworm, it’s the place for you. Not only are there plenty of bookstagrammers to follow and ogle their pretty books, but it’s a great place to interact with your favorite authors as well. Recently, Brian McClellan, author of the Powder Mage trilogy, requested bookstagrammers to read his new UF series and give feedback and I was lucky enough that he said yes to my request. This gave me the idea for this post, link a few authors and why their IG accounts are fun to follow.

Brandon Sanderson  regularly signs his books in random bookstores in airports and then lets you know where you can find them.

Kevin Hearne – travels a lot, posts interesting food and cocktail drinks. Shares his fondness for whiskey.

Brian McClellan – besides ARC offers, he posts his cat and dogs, and his cooking.

Delilah S. Dawson – she gets up to a lot of shenanigans. Conventions, pets, Star Wars and her friendship with homie Kevin Hearne.

Chuck Wendig – posts a lot of beautiful outdoor pictures from his daily runs.

Who are some of your favorite authors to follow on IG?

28 thoughts on “Instagram & Authors

  1. How do you find the time to look up books on IG when you’re so busy posting pix of your dogs. You’re luck you’re YOU and that I like dogs. If I see someone post two or more pix of their cat BOOM they’re gone – DELETE. Same goes for pictures of their food haha. I know you have a cat sooooo you’re ok but only just. 😉

      1. I got kicked off FB, then I went back on then I kicked FB off me dammit! Yeah! Take that zuckerberg you rich ass SOB. I said that in my head in a thick Deep South accent.

      2. Haha. I got in trouble for insighting violence. I basically went on a rant about terrorists and suggested that instead of blowing up innocent people how about they get one of their dudes and go toe to toe with me in the ring? Haha. I got kicked off for four weeks or something.

      3. It was back in 2012 or 2013 and I think one of my sold called “friends” may have reported me too haha. I used to get a lot of complaints and I’d always tell them that if they didn’t like what I said unfriend me dammit. I don’t miss FB at all. I love my blog and blogger buddies. Instagram is ok, good for inspiration but I do t really know people on there like I do on here. Saying that, for all I know you could be a morbidly obese man wearing a diaper haha.!

      4. I keep my FB mostly so I’m not expected to call people. I hate talking on the phone. I try to limit it’s use though because people are annoying. I much prefer the blog and IG to anything else.

      5. Moth, my dad and occasionally an aunt and uncle are the only ways that get away with chatting on the phone with me. Moth and I can talk for hours and it doesn’t piss me off like everyone else eventually does when they won’t get off of the phone after 15 minutes lol.

  2. I love Instagram, but I need to follow more authors. I follow lots of publishers who do cover reveals and announcements. I checked out Brian McClellan’s feed and I love all the cat photos😁

  3. Oh, this is cool!
    I don’t think i follow many authors. I do follow Stephen King (lot of pics of his dog) and Mark Edwards (plenty of cat pics!!) but need to find my other faves too

  4. I didn’t even know that Brandon Sanderson HAD an instagram! (show’s what I know) And yes, I’m totally stalking him now. 🙃

    My favorite author instagrams are probably VE Schwab ’cause all she does is post about her dog, really, and Nadine Brandes because she is the dorkiest of all the dorks. Lol.

    Loved your post! Very creative! 😀

  5. I pretty much go to Instagram to post pictures of my cats and look at pictures of cats, dogs, rats, guinea pigs, and other fluffs. I do follow some makeup bloggers, but not many authors. They usually hang out on Twitter! I’ll have to search IG for them now.

    1. I love IG and I follow a bunch of random stuff on there. Ms. Moth and I exchanged pages we liked to find even more cool stuff while she was over. I now follow a soap company and a goth furniture store lol.

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