Polar Apocalypse

Okay, that’s a little dramatic but we did get 4-5 inches of snow and we woke up to it being 1 degree outside. The dogs were out for less than 3 minutes, they could barely pee, before they started lifting their paws and trying to lay down in the snow. So we’ve declared it, No Leaving the House Day.

It’s excellent timing as I’ve already been feeling restless. I’m ready to get outside and work on all the things but alas, that’s still going to be a couple of months.

That means today I’m going to try to occupy myself with lots of random things; try a new baking recipe, decide whether to continue the book I’m reading or not, laundry, pinning soup recipes and eyeballing Instant Pots. (My faithful crock pot has a massive crack in it.) There might even be an attempt at writing but we’ll see. My restlessness makes concentrating nearly impossible. Even as I write this, I drift off thinking of other things.

What do you do to combat cabin fever?

Here’s Ozzy looking all majestic in the snow:




28 thoughts on “Polar Apocalypse

  1. We were “supposed” to get between 12-24inches of snow. We barely got 8 and now it is freezing rain, so it will be even less and be super hard.

    When restless, bundle up and go for an hour long walk. Walk someplace you’re not familiar with just to shake things up. I’m heading out in less than 30min to do a mini-version of that.


    1. OMG you’re so brave. I am not going out in that bitter cold. Maybe when it gets up to the 20s again. If I never hear from you again, I’ll assume you’re an ice statue somewhere until spring comes. 😉

      1. Hahahaha. Since I work outside, I’ve got the gear for it, so it’s no biggie. A brisk walk in the freezing rain is just what the doctor ordered.

        We’re still debating whether Mrs B is going to go to work or not. That freezing rain is just nasty stuff!

  2. Combat cabin fever? I could stay inside the house (and shed) for months on end if life didn’t force me to constantly go and do other things. Between modeling, gaming, TV/Netflix/YouTube and reading I could stay in my house for bloody ages and not get bored! I don’t have time for all of the above stuff even when I do manage to stay home…

    1. I really like being out in my yard, I have big plans for it this year. Plus, I’m hoping to get into some wood working but currently the garage is far too cold. If I do get really into it, I might have to get a heater for the garage next winter. I’m not usually this restless this early in the winter, I don’t know what it is.

  3. Haha aww cute picture. I haven’t seen snow for about twelve years now. Maybe this year we will take the kids to see it. Believe it or not we do get snow in Victoria Australia. Mount Bulla is a popular skiing resort. I love stay indoors days but here it’s usually because it gets so hot. This Friday could be one of those days because we are expecting a top of 40 degrees. I actually really like the heat but 40 is excessive

    1. I think part of the problem is we had a very hot, muggy summer so I spent a lot of it indoors. I don’t mind hot but muggy I hate. Then we went directly from that to cold and rainy where there is usually a smoother transition and we have a lovely autumn. I find it hard to believe anyone denies climate change is you live anywhere with four seasons. I’m 31 and the changes in my lifetime have been crazy.

      1. Our summers seem to be getting shorter and the winters longer. I’m with you, I enjoy the heat but humidity is intense. I’m off to Bali in June and the only bad thing about that is the humidity but hey cheap beer whoop whoop!

      2. Haha I reckon we will. It’s a boys trip so we’ll pretty much be staying indoors reading the bible and might go a bit wild and have a game of Monopoly or two while drinking milk.

      3. Okay, that was all lies. In fact, I will be angry with you if you do those things. How does your wife feel about missing out on Bali? I’d go with my husband anyway and just stay at another hotel lol.

  4. Awww haha Love the Ozzy pic! ❤ Such a cutie!
    Yeah, we've got a "snow day" today due to the icy roads we got from last night so today's a "Don't Leave the House" day for me. I'm kinda glad. I got some things around the house I want to work on before a certain couple of people come over for the weekend. 😉
    I think my go-to things for days like this are pretty similar to yours. And that sucks about your crock pot, but ALL HAIL THE INSTANT POT! 😛 That thing is a game changer, for real!

    1. I’m really pumped to get an Instant Pot. I’ve only heard good things. I WISH I got snow days at work! Rob was sliding all over the place yesterday so he called in. Unfortunately for me, I take main roads so I get less of an excuse lol.

      1. Yeah, those back roads have to get pretty scary in the winter. I can’t wait for you to get an instant pot, too. They’re so handy and you can really save yourself the hassle of having to wash a ton of dishes with what you can do with just that. 🙂

    1. We had snow hit right before the current temperature dive. My husband tried to say he was going to go shovel it when it was -13 (with windchill -30ish) yesterday and I wouldn’t let him. It’s not deep enough to stop either vehicle and they were saying that you could get frostbite in less than 10 minutes on days like yesterday. (We woke up to the same temps today.)

      1. I’ve been reading stories of people freezing to death. I think a student was fond feet from his dorm room and there’s a prison in NY with no heat that’s REALLY pissing me off. It’s freaking awful and you were right to keep hubby indoors (omg it sounds like I’m comparing him to a cat). We keep getting this bullshit snow. Not enough to do much more than delay things and just enough to make the cold more annoying. Also yesterday I was so damn pissed because they decided to send out the salt trucks with their slow ass entourage DURING FUCKING RUSH HOUR. WTH. If you’re not going to pre-treat don’t wait until rush hour to do it.

      2. Thursday we had emergency alerts from the gas/energy company telling everyone to turn their thermostats down to 65 degrees. One of their facilities exploded and burned a bunch of the natural gas so we were at risk for losing heat altogether if everyone didn’t comply. It was fucking nuts.

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