2019 Bookish Resolutions

My 2018 bookish resolutions were to continue working on the list of series and standalones I had created two years ago. Well….I want to say I failed but that would mean that I made NO progress, which isn’t the case. I was only a small percent successful is how I’ll choose to frame it.

Series to continue: 19% progress made

Standalones: 8% progress made

ARCs read in 2018: 7

Reading and reviewing ARCs was a new adventure last year and while I enjoyed it, I think I’ll slow down with it in 2019.

This brings me to my bookish resolutions for the New Year:



For this reason I will be drastically scaling back on the Goodreads Yearly Reading Challenge. I missed the mark on that this past year too. So, 25 will be this year’s goal so there is hardly any pressure to read anything that isn’t a doorstop.

I don’t do resolutions outside of books because I almost never keep them BUT I am really looking forward to things we have planned in 2019. Another vacation, more home renovation. sky diving, etc.

What are your big plans for 2019?? (Book related or not.)


20 thoughts on “2019 Bookish Resolutions

  1. I haven’t done a book goals post yet, and honestly might not, but I want to start a couple of series that I’ve been dying to read. My reading is almost 100 % ARCs so I want to break out of that this year. And yay for home improvement projects!

    1. Thanks! That is essentially what I’m doing. I don’t HAVE to only read epic fantasies, but I need to put a dent in the ones I own. I made a list the other day to just see how I do. I own 22 door stoppers of that genre. Some of them have been patiently waiting on the shelves for years, so this is their year…..hopefully. πŸ˜› (I’m a mood reader so I can never guarantee anything.)

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