Early Christmas Book Haul

Mr. Cupcakes & Machetes isn’t very good at holding out when it comes to giving presents. To be fair though, he had me pick out the books so it’s not like I didn’t already know what I was getting. I’ll consider myself lucky that I don’t have to wait to dig into one of these bad boys if I so choose. Bookoutlet.com was having a 30% off sale on Black Friday and I was drooling in front of the screen so he kindly said, “Buy all the books!”


16 thoughts on “Early Christmas Book Haul

  1. Woohoo! Look at that haul! Kudos to Mr. Cupcakes & Machetes! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Mr. Moth did the same and loaded me up with a Christmas book haul while we were out Christmas shopping since I was practically frothing at the mouth over several books in the store. (Unfortunately he is being a butt and making me wait until Christmas to start reading any of them.) lol

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