After the Crown (The Indranan War #2) – Book Review


Published Date: December 13, 2016

Publishing Co.: Orbit

Pages: 416

Goodreads Synopsis.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Behind the Throne – Book Review

Short-tempered, foul-mouthed, ex-outlaw gunrunner Hail Bristol is just trying to run a Shiva-damned empire.

After a failed coupe, Hail is doing her best to run an empire that she had no intention of ever having to deal with. But at heart, she loves her country and would do anything to save it. That anything is proving to be dodging assassination attempts left and right. Not everyone thinks she has what it takes to lead the nation and they rather kill her than give her a chance.

Turns out, Hail isn’t so easy to kill. All it does is piss her off more and fuel her ruthlessness.

When yet another coupe has far greater success, Hail is once again running for her life. They’ve chased her off her own planet and have taken control of empire territories. Her small band of Indrana loyal military and friends are all she has to depend on while she develops a plan to put down the mutiny.

The plan? Take them out gunrunner style. This will mean large debts to crime lords she used to run with, but her enemy won’t be expecting that kind of help and they can’t handle the fire power and cunning that outlaws bring to the table.

When you’re patriotic duty is to outmaneuver hostile militaries, protect your people and take back your nation, you either run with the baddest dogs in the galaxy or you stay on the fucking porch and lose everything.

Hail Bristol is one of my favorite main characters. Despite my description of a ruthless bad ass (I mean she is), she’s also kind-hearted and doesn’t want to lose any of her people. She’s clever. She’s willing to owe great debts to dangerous people if it means saving everyone she loves and the people she’s vowed to protect. This series has quickly become one of my favorite space operas. It has just the right amounts of science fiction, drama, and character development that keeps you coming back for more.



10 thoughts on “After the Crown (The Indranan War #2) – Book Review

  1. I didn’t love Behind the Throne as much as I wanted, so I’m afraid I knocked this off the list. But seeing your five star review makes me want to reconsider😊

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