Parasite (Parasitology #1) – Book Review


Published Date: October 29, 2013

Publishing Co.: Orbit

Pages: 504

Goodreads Synopsis.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Scientifically engineered or not, I never want a tapeworm living inside me.

In the near future, humans are weak because we have spent so long sterilizing our environment. Our immune systems don’t protect us properly because they’ve never had the chance to recognize a threat and develop a resistance. Everyone is need of multiple medications or procedures and specialist visits to keep living.

Along comes a research company who bio-engineers a new type of tapeworm. By swallowing one little capsule and releasing the worm into your digestive tract, all your health concerns disappear. The worm manages to cleanse you of all your health problems. Allergic to dogs? No more. Diabetic? No more. The high price of healthcare plummets and people regain regular lives with very few set backs all thanks to a worm that can you heal you from the inside out.

But what if the worms are sentient? What if they’re tired of being your little healthcare slave? What if the worms started a rebellion?

Here in lies the platform to our story, peppered with great characters; Sal, brain dead accident victim who’s family was about to pull the plug on her life support, saved by a tapeworm. Dr. Kim, Sal’s boyfriend, a leading parasitologist struggling to figure out why people are having sudden personality changes and becoming violent. Sal’s dad and sister who work for the government and are more than willing to throw Sal into jail if it helps get them answers about the pandemic. There are a couple of other characters I would love to mention but their identities are part of the surprise.

I was a bit surprised just how much I enjoyed reading this. I became more involved in the characters than I thought I would and the effects of a sterilized world where fascinating. It was a great start to Science Fiction month and I will definitely be continuing the series.


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