First Week of October


Good morning my spooky followers! How goes your first week of October?

I’m going to be doing weekly general updates for the month. October is too much fun and full of spooky goodness to wait for an accumulation of things to chat about.

My dad is coming to town to help finish up work on the walk in closet we started 5 months ago. Building a whole room from scratch just before summer was not the wisest of plans, especially since it’s in the upstairs. We won’t be making that mistake twice. But this means I’ll be quiet for a tiny bit here.

Dracula is proving to be the one classic I’m actually going to enjoy.

Little Debbies makes a pumpkin spice Swiss roll and it’s the only Swiss roll worth a damn in this world.


Mr. Cupcakes & Machetes and I have watched four horror movies in the past week. (Monday was our 12 year dating anniversary and we watched 3 in one night.)

1 star – SO bad it’s good but I still can’t rate it any higher.
5 stars. One of our favorites. Must watch every year.
2 stars. Intentionally hilarious but still bad.
3 stars. I want to love it but too many plot holes.

I think that’s a pretty successful start to my favorite month. Do any of you have any special plans for next week?



22 thoughts on “First Week of October

  1. Omg I love this post and now I totally want to copy you and do weekly October posts. lol
    Haha It’s been sooo long since I’ve watched TCM 2, but it’s definitely bad in a fun way. :p
    Pumpkinhead will always be fantastic. ❤ They have a comic going for it right now.
    Hereditary is one I've been really curious about after all the good reviews I've heard for it. That's too bad to hear about all the plot holes. :/
    Fun post! Looking forward to seeing the other ones for the month! 🙂

    1. You should totally do weekly October posts too! They are fun. 🙂
      I would still recommend seeing Hereditary. Rob liked it more than I did. It’s one of the better horror movies to come out in recent years.
      I’m pretty sure I want to read Pumpkinhead comics!! 😀

      1. They are! And I did! 😀
        Yeah, I’ll have to check out Hereditary. It’s always exciting to see newer horror films getting a lot of buzz around them.

  2. That pumpkin spice roll looks amazing! I could do with it right now 😀

    I’m just a middle of finding horror movies to watch. So far the one i’m watching is not very good (Don’t knock twice)
    I remember the original puppet master from the 80s vaguely… i was maybe 7 years old when my dad was watching it and he didn’t realise i sneaked into the room 😀

    1. I used to sneak into the living room when my dad was watching Nightmare on Elm Street! Somehow I never had nightmares about that one (that I remember). My nightmares were always about Chucky but now I like him too lol.

  3. I’ve heard good and bad about Hereditary. I’m hoping to watch it this weekend when my wife is on nightshift. She’s. It into horror much. She likes the walking dead and American horror story so I can’t complain hehe. I’ve never seen pumpkin head. Shame on me. Those spicy pumpkin things sound amaze-balls. 🤘🏼

    1. It’s definitely worth a watch. Just go into it with an open mind and I’m sure you’ll catch flaws but it’s still enjoyable.
      Pumpkinhead is all about the monster. I never really realized that until another blogger did a review on it and it’s true.

    1. I specifically said it’s so bad it’s good but I’m not rating it higher. If anyone thinks it’s actually good, I think that discredits their views on horror. The acting is obscenely terrible. Opinions are like buttholes dude. If you don’t like mine, stay the fuck out of it.

      1. If you can’t appreciate the goofiness of the movie and what Hooper tried to accomplish than you’re a moron. It is “so bad that it’s good.” Don’t get your bra all twisted.

      2. Lol I didn’t harass you cream puff. All I did was tell you that anyone that doesn’t like Texas Chainsaw 2 has no credibility in the realms of horror. You took it so personally.

      3. I actually didn’t take it seriously because I don’t know you and I don’t care what you think. Fact is, you came to a blog and left a shitty comment and expected someone not to say anything. But I did and you couldn’t handle it. Now you sit and wait for a reply so you can try to be witty and have some sort of sad meaning in your life. Go to bed little boy. You mean nothing here.

  4. I started watching Let’s Plays of the Silent Hill series. I’m on two right now and omfg, at one point I was Facebooking the absolute ridiculousness. There’s a puzzle where you have to find a can opener to open up a can (duh) to find light bulbs. Who puts light bulbs in a can??! That’s not even the worst of it. There is crazy shit going on all the time, and NO ONE COMMENTS ON IT. After a boss fight where James (the protagonist) kills what looks like a monstrous table, the woman he saved started berating him for only wanting one thing and how he didn’t really love his wife. And this is all taking place in a room wallpapered with flesh. Um, WHAT? C-Can we talk about what just happened and what we’re dealing with? It’s freaking bonkers

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