Three Things Tag!

Judas Priest, I have not felt like blogging lately. I sat down to do this last night and promptly decided, fuck that. My reading has been slow and I’ve had a damn hard time finding the supplies for my new hobby I’m trying to take up and it’s all making me incredibly grouchy.

Anywho, enough grouchin’. Onto this fun tag that Ignited Moth shared.



Patricia Briggs. This lady writes one of my favorite urban fantasies. The Mercy Thompson series. She also has a few other epic fantasy novels that I’m slowly working on. When I started the Mercy series, I read everything that had been released back to back, which something I never do with series.


R.S. Belcher. I feel like this author is not very well known and he so very deserves to be. When I read The Six-Gun Tarot – Book Review, it knocked me on my ass. 


Debut author Sarah Gailey really struck a chord with me when I read American Hippo. I just cannot wait to see what she comes up with next. (Although, I so very hope it is in the American Hippo world!)




Prince Jorg Ancrath from the Broken Empire trilogy by Mark Lawrence. He’s the extreme anti-hero. The very best anti-hero I’ve read thus far.

Maude Stapleton from the Golgotha series by R.S. Belcher. She belongs to a secret order of female bad asses.

Darrow from the Red Rising series. He’s such a conflicted character. He makes a lot of mistakes but he learns from them. Great character growth.





I don’t binge read series often, there is usually something in between every book but these three series are probably the closest I’ve come.


  1. I’m going to steal Ignited Moth’s answer here. I’ve never understood people’s problems with prologues. To me, it’s just another chapter, on with the story!
  2. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I understand the reasoning, I really do. I’ve read some great books with horrible cover art BUT I still judged it hard before I read it.
  3. Erotica sucks.



Ooof, that took a turn to un-book related territory.

One, save enough money for our vacation in December to really enjoy ourselves and not have to worry about the bank account.

Two, get my hands on some pallets so I can start this damn woodworking project I’ve been dying to get into.

Three, start planning my goals for next year. It’s right around the corner!

Okay kids, this is where  you tag yourself to have a little fun and spread the tag love.

26 thoughts on “Three Things Tag!

  1. Crap, planning goals for next year already? I figure I’ll wait until december for that 🙂

    And then I’l whine incessantly about how there just isn’t enough time to actually plan anything, hahahhaa!

  2. What’s your new hobby? Did I miss something? Are you gonna try your hand at painting miniatures. Do it. Dooooo iiiiiiiiiiiit and I will like you a lot more as a fellow human. I judge a book by its cover all the time. Sure, I’ve read some books where the cover is crap eg War and Peace but generally speaking if the cover doesn’t grab me then odds are the book won’t either. It makes me think of people who bang on about “it’s the personality of a person that is important not their looks” Yaaaawwwwwnnnn. If I didn’t think my wife was smoking hot the first time I saw her I wouldn’t have got drunk and gone up to her for a hug haha. Luckily for me her personally is just as great as her looks.

    1. I want to try get into building stuff from pallet wood (and if I get good move onto better wood), I discovered with working on the house that I like remodeling things.
      I would agree, I wouldn’t have flirted with my husband at all if I was attracted to the outside first.

      1. That’s cool. Plus you can make so much out of pallets. I made a coffee table and also shelves. No longer have them but they were fun and easy to do. You can also make pallets from pallet wood 😂

      2. I drive past a factory each day when I’m taking the kids to school who are always chucking out old pallets. I think the postage would kill me to your neck of the woods though haha. However, why not go knocking on factory/warehouse doors and ask to have their old crappy pallets. Or sometimes you see them behind super markets

  3. Princess Bride and Neverending Story are awesome movies ❤ I didn't know the latter was also a book!

    Shadow & Bone are on my list, but haven't read them yet. Still need to finish Daughter of Smoke & Bone too. Never thought it will be a book i like so it was a good surprise.

    I think the only time i judge a book based on a cover when said cover is clearly not done professionally. To me that means the book itself is most likely not well done either.

  4. Funny enough, I aquainted myself with Jorg Ancrath over the hols – Broken Empire was the most enjoyable trilogy I’ve read in quite some time!

    Goals for the year: Paint more, practice sculpting, try to be a good human being… at least one of those is going to go tits-up 🙂

      1. Erotica is like photography in that everyone thinks they can do it, but only people who actually make an effort can do it well lol. I laugh my ass off at some of the terrible word choices and reading bad erotica is about as much fun as watching a so bad it’s good movie 😀

  5. Oh cool! I think I’m going to steal this tag 🙂

    ‘The Princess Bride’ is one of my favourite movies but I never felt like reading the book. And I probably never will. But re-watch the movie whenever it is on, fuck yeah!

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