Jackalope Brewing Co. – Brewery Review

Michigan may be the mecca of craft beer, but that doesn’t mean that other states don’t have skin in the game too. Whenever we travel out of state my husband (and my boss) have to find the local breweries and try as many beers as possible.

We began one of our beer adventure nights at Yazoo Brewing Company. All beer tried was mediocre and the service was bad. They must be doing something right though as they’re available at almost every restaurant in Nashville. Unimpressed, we took our little adventure a short walk down the road to Jackalope Brewing Company.


Here’s one brewery you definitely do not want to miss when you hit Nashville. It had a great laid back atmosphere. The staff was incredibly friendly and made us feel welcome. The most important component being, they had great beer. Mastering good merch for people to take home is almost a different trade all in itself. Jackalope mastered that too. We took home several stickers for our own in-home bar.

Another great thing that we noticed Jackalope doing; promoting charities. At the time we went, a portion of the proceeds of their beer, Lovebird, went to charity.

Lovebird. Strawberry/Raspberry Heifeweizen. 4.4% ABV. 12 IBUs.

You can find Jackalope canned at a few restaurants in the area as well. Also tried and approved of; Thunder Ann (American Pale Ale) and Bearwalker (Maple Brown).


These 3 images are from Google as I did not think to take proper pictures while we were there.


If we could have found a way to bring beer home on the plane, something from this brewery would have made it’s way back to Michigan.

4 out of 5 stars

18 thoughts on “Jackalope Brewing Co. – Brewery Review

  1. I love beer so much I actually call it my other child but not a massive fan of fruit in my beer. If I wanted fruit in my beer I’d drink wine. I like wine. Red wine, and have been known to drink it by the pint. I love Port too and at high school I used to have this cool little hip flask filled with the yummy stuff hidden in my belt. New World Order 🤘🏽🖕🏽

    1. Fruit in the beer is pretty big in craft beer. There’s hardly a fruit that hasn’t been tried in one at least once. Strawberry and Raspberry being pretty common place. Grapefruit is another one. I hate all things grapefruit though. Blood Orange, Strawberry/Rhubarb, Strawberry/Lime, Cherry, etc. My own uncle has tried brewing with Jackfruit before. I don’t remember if it turned out well or not.

      1. Most people do. Usually when I tell people celery is the only food I don’t eat they start rattling off other foods to try and prove me wrong haha. They’ll say, so you like Brussel sprouts? I say yeah. They say what about mushrooms I hate mushrooms. I say I like everything apart from celery. They say what about blue cheese…. and it goes on and on until I head butt them.

  2. Now you’re talking one of my favorite topics – craft beer. NH has over 50 craft breweries which is huge for the size of this little state. We visited two last week – Woodstock and Schilling. They are quite different but both were good. Locally, we like Portsmouth and Smuttynose. If you head to New England, you could probably spend several weeks checking our the craft beer scene. 🙂

    1. I definitely need to head out the New England way. I went to New Jersey once when I was small and that was as mush exploring as I’ve done out there yet. (I did visit Pittsburgh a couple of years ago before we started reviewing beers.)

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