Pharmacy Lady C&M

I will be scarce this next week. If you’re just tuning into this blog, I work for an independent pharmacy. I helped open it 6.5 years ago. Every once in awhile, a conference comes up that will help continue to grow the business. I’ve been to Pittsburgh to learn how to set up a medication synchronization program. (That’s been a big success.) I’ve been to Atlanta to a vitamin/supplement conference. (We barely use the vitamins anymore but their probiotics are on point.) Now I trot off to yet another state to see what pharmacy wonders we can learn. This time, it will be pharmacy software related. We’ve used an advanced software program since the day we opened but now we’re going to learn about some of the features we haven’t even tried to touch yet.

So I won’t be posting until I return but you can follow my shenanigans on Instagram as it’s easily accessible.



9 thoughts on “Pharmacy Lady C&M

    1. Yep! Lol. We had an employee at one point dumb enough to put that on their Facebook page as their job and then link that he worked at our pharmacy. While a funny inside joke, not professional for social media. The boss man was not pleased.

      1. Seriously?? Some people just don’t realize anything you post on social media is there forever, and ANYONE can see it….

  1. Sell them drugs! Seriously…they make my life better lol. I yell at people who try to shame me or anyone for taking medication. Fuck that. I need to use instagram more. It’s my happy place where I usually look at cute animals 😀

    1. OMG those people. Get off your high fucking horse. The same thing doesn’t work for everyone. I fucking love IG. Cute animals and I follow some of my favorite authors and all they do is post shenanigans. It’s more entertaining than I ever thought it would be.

      1. I especially love the memes saying that drugs are shit and all you need is nature. It’s like “Wow, get a clue.” IG is like a safe haven away from the world’s madness. It’s all fur babies and food for me 😀

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